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Canucks Trade Nilsson, Archibald to Ottawa for McKenna, Pyatt

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Is it Thatcher Demko’s time? Anders Nilsson gets a fresh start as the Canucks make a game day deal with the Sens.

Vancouver Canucks v Ottawa Senators Photo by Jana Chytilova/Freestyle Photography/Getty Images

Sometimes, we get what we wish for. If you read this morning’s game preview (you know, the one I posted like, 15 minutes ago as of this writing), you would have seen this:

Anders Nilsson? Let me be blunt. Whether the Canucks are going for it, going full on tank, or something in between, I do not wish to see him play another game for the Canucks. Full stop. Sure, having him in helps the draftist cause. He honestly doesn’t look like he’s capable of winning another game in the NHL right now, and the time to bring in Thatcher Demko is here. They of course aren’t going to do that, because it’s not just the hockey gods that keep us from having nice things. There’s a lot of self-abuse in the Canucks world.

Here’s the deal:

Obviously it sucks for Comets fans. Archibald is the team’s all time leading scorer and a fan favorite. I enjoyed watching him play, and it’s a shame he couldn’t stick with the parent club. In McKenna they get a journeyman goaltender, and when I say that, I mean like the textbook example:

With Richard Bachman banged up in Utica, McKenna (who will be on the bench for the Canucks tonight, but still needs to clear waivers to be sent down to Utica) can provide some decent quality goaltending until he returns. Pyatt, the younger brother of former Canucks enigma Taylor ‘Dreamy Eyes’ Pyatt, has already cleared waivers and will give the Comets more depth down the middle. The Canucks getting a 6th round pick in the upcoming draft is a good thing. At first glance this appears to be a pretty good deal for the Canucks, and if Nilsson can get his stuff sorted, one that benefits the Sens too.

Alright, while we prepare to enjoy the sudden awkwardness that’s been injected into this game, let’s get your thoughts on this trade with the poll and your comments below.


Is this a good trade for the Canucks?

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    Atta boy, Jimbo!
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    Meh, a whole lotta deckchair shuffling...
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    Jimbo may have gotten fleeced. Quelle surprise!
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