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Gamethread #43: Canucks vs Senators

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Canucks look to rebound against the worst team in the NHL.

NHL: Vancouver Canucks at Ottawa Senators Marc DesRosiers-USA TODAY Sports

Should we erase the memory of the last game or just agree that this team is still trying to find consistency? I grant you that it is hard for the Canucks to win in the house of the Devils. Today the Canucks face the worst team in the league in Ottawa. That fact should not be a surprise after the state of this team starting with ownership and working your way through the GM who traded away Hoffman and Karlsson. Vancouver had a couple of bad years but nothing like the circus in Ottawa.

Two things that I would like to see this game. One is Marky back in net. I ‘m not totally blaming Nilsson for his crappy performance, just 99% of it. After not playing for so many days in a row, it was not a surprise he was rusty. Much like Marky in past years, it drives me crazy when a 6’6 goalie can make themselves small and then lose position in front of the net. And then Nilsson got traded.....GMJB must have read this beforehand

The second thing is Goldy. One argument on the net is that Goldy thrives on the top line and Brock and Petey score more with Goldy there. The counter to that is that Goldy isn’t that talented then because he can’t carry other lines. Goldy’s defense is something that is something that will need to be improved upon if he wants to stay in the top 6. Having said that, Goldy needs to be back in the top six today.

In the past 10 games against Ottawa, the Canucks are let’s call it a coin flip today.

Go Coconuts Go!