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Gamethread #49: Canucks vs Sabres

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Canucks continue their homestand against the Sabres

NHL: Vancouver Canucks at Buffalo Sabres Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

In a month of games against relatively “soft” competition, the Canucks have been average. 6 points in 6 games is not what was hoped for at the start of the month, but it seems like there is a growing portion of the population that is very happy with this. the playoffs are still within reach and playing a team like Buffalo tonight only brings more hope to the situation.

It’s funny I wrote “a team like Buffalo”, since that team was at one point, the best in the east. My, how time flies, The Sabres are a .500 team that has struggled in games within its own division. Ramus Dahlin has lived up to the hype and the first line can score, but after that....

The Canucks are trying to find ways to score. Petey is not playing again tonight and Bo can’t score anything but a charley horse. I have said all year that the Nucks won’t make the playoffs due to defense and goaltending. Marky has been amazing...for Marky. So the other issue it seems would be scoring when Petey is not playing. If.....and it is a big if, if Bo and Jake can start scoring, then the Canucks might have a chance to talk about playoffs in March.

First, let’s just hope for a win tonight.

Go Coconuts Go!