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Gamethread #47: Canucks vs Florida

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The return of our salary cap anchor!

NHL: Vancouver Canucks at Florida Panthers Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

What are you more excited to see today? The Canucks “responding” to Mike Matheson or the return of Lu to the city who hopes he doesn’t retire until 2023? I have less fear about a Luongo salary recapture as GM’s seem more than willing to LTIR players than actually have them officially retire. I await the CBA when the GM’s find a new way to screw the Canucks over.

Florida comes into Vancouver having not won in 2019. The Canucks have only won once in the new year. The Panthers are 10 points out of a wild card. The Canucks are realistically 7 points out of a wild card spot.

This is a must win for both teams. I could say that for every Canucks game until they are officially eliminated from the playoffs in March.

I was happy to see Sven get some goals. Now if only Goldy, Sutter, Granlund and Jake could score again.

Don’t forget today’s drinking game. Everytime the crowd says “LUUUUUUU” you have to drink a shot of absinthe. Good luck remembering how got in that abandoned car tomorrow.

If Guds fights Matheson, anyone who asked for that in the last Panthers recap has to run down the block naked, while yelling, “I hate staged hockey fights!”

Go Coconuts Go!