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Gamethread #46: Canucks vs Arizona

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Canucks look to get back in to the win column.

NHL: Arizona Coyotes at Vancouver Canucks Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

The last time the Coyotes were in Vancouver, there were two guys on the Canucks that looked the same that were playing their last game in Vancouver. Both teams have undergone changes in the offseason and in Arizona’s case, during the season, to make this matchup have a different look. Arizona is kinda like “Chicago Light” with a few former Blackhawks now on the team. Unfortunately for Arizona, their leading goal scorer is former Canuck brad Richardson. That is a bad omen. The Coyotes are 5 points behind the Nucks but they have 3 games in hand, so tonight is important for both teams who still dream of playing for Lord Stanley’s cup.

The Canucks come into tonight’s game trying to remember what scoring goals feels like. They have been shutout 4 times in their last 7 games. No Petey for the game tonight. Some think Saturday at earliest, but let’s not rush him.

Let’s hope this is the game Bo wakes up and gets other’s involved as well. After a nice long rest the Canucks play a light schedule this month, which is good for injuries, but bad if they don’t win the majority of their January games.

By the way, now has a staff feature that let’s you look at the signings and trades of GM’s. Go take a gander at GMJB’s activity.

Go Coconuts go!