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Two D Or Not Two D? That is the question.

Or as they say in hockey carry 7 or 8 on defence. Emphasis on carry

NHL: Preseason-Calgary Flames at Vancouver Canucks
We need to think this through
Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

It’s the night before the night before and it already feels like it’s the last night before the end. Of the world. It’s ok. It just feels that way. Only 187 more nights until we actually feel like that.

In the meantime, we have a roster to select for the opening game this Wednesday. I know. The preseason that we worried would never end is over. And now we wish it hadn’t started.

Enough about our petty aches and pains watching the Nuck lose 6 of 7 in September. We have to brace ourselves for watching them lose xx of 82. Where xx = Very Large Painful Number. Or as we called it in the back row of algebra class... never mind what we called it. We just want a formula for a small amount of success.

To achieve a slightly better success that the Nucks’ 14.7% winning ways went through 7 wayward games (I know - small sample size - thankfully) we need to score MOAR goals. More often. More than 10 goals in 7 games. Especially when the opponents scored 30 in those same games.

On an offensively challenged team we need the defence to chip in. Expecting our current (which is pretty much our past) D-group to add more scoring is to expect Lu to retire now. And Franny to give the cap savings back to fans in free tickets.

However, there is one way our defence could contribute to the scoreboard. Carry less of them. Sure, you might say, “But jimmi that’s the Faeries’ job!” And you’d be correct.

No matter. Traditionally the opening night of our illustrious, industrious ineffective roster consisted of 8 defence and 13 forwards. Plus 2 goalies. But we could break with tradition and ice 7 defence... Stop it! - we’d like to ice them all and start fresh - but one D at a time. So with 7 D and 14 forwards it might give us a chance for 1-2 more goals per game month season.

Is that a chance worth taking? I think it is. And I like to think that I think only the best thoughts about the Nucks roster. Other than those 7 preseason games. Don’t know what I was thinking.

So... think about it. Desperate times require new and more desperate thoughts. I’m not saying we ice 21 Forwards and 2 goalies, but that could be 1-2 goalies too many anyhow. Yes, it means we might have to waive Derrick ‘Frankie’ Pouliot to open a roster spot for an extra forward. Or... what if some other team waives a better potential defenceman? We can’t wave him over here when we’re carrying 8 out of the gate.

I realise no matter how loud I scream at the TV, I can’t dictate the Nucks roster. But, there’s a loophole in the NM/NHL charter that can dictate the makeup. An NM poll is a legally binding construct made up on the internet with the blessings of the Internet Overlord.

So...let’s make internet democracy sorta ok(ish) again. Your vote will be tallied and the results will be put on JB’s desk Tuesday morning. On a doily. Under his spilled coffee.


How Many Defence Do We Carry to the Starting Line?

This poll is closed

  • 11%
    8 - Tradition. It got us this far and that’s far enough
    (7 votes)
  • 50%
    7 - One Less D, one less Goldy vs Leipsic debate clogging every thread
    (32 votes)
  • 6%
    4 - Finally the Nucks can say they only have Top 4 D on the team. Conceptual bragging rights are the next best thing to bragging rights
    (4 votes)
  • 3%
    2 - High Risk High Reward - Defence Wins Champoinships - The Best Defence is Offence.
    (2 votes)
  • 28%
    0 - Everyone plays every position. At random. Line match that NHL.
    (18 votes)
63 votes total Vote Now

While EP already has proven to be the leading scorer on the team - he scored/created/assisted 60% of our goals in the preseason - we can’t count on this gifted teenager to carry the team all season. Besides, there’s Brock. He scored 5 2 0 goals in the preseason. That’s a worry, but remember he has scored 0 goals in every preseason NHL game he’s played. So there’s nothing to worry about. Especially since the Sophomore slump is a fallacy made up by Senior statisticians worried about job security in 72% of misworded surveys.

However, we can definitely expect to get balanced scoring from all 4 3 2 1 lines the powerplay. Any puck shot by our D that accidently on purpose bounces off someone or something and results in a goal is a bonus. Last year that bonus goal total was 21. From the entire backend.

Makes more sense to put our fragile goal eggs in the sharp shooting hands of one extra forward. Check the NHL record books - just a single forward has scored as many as 21 goals in a single season. Or more! Not on the Nucks that often, but that’s why we need more forwards.

While we wring our hands and palm our foreheads in preparation for this bold new season of battle - the Battle of the Bottom - we can pretend that a simple roster tweak here and there will let the Nucks play to win while still losing and then winning big in June.

Fill in your roster slots as you see fit in the comments. You could win the prestigious NM Rosterbation Rocket Mug. Or not. We’ll find out soon enough for Whom Tuesday Tolls.