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THE ROUNDUP: Sensing A Theme, Deja Vu Time, And GRITTY!

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Much like the ‘Dirty Soda’ that the folks in Salt Lake City turn to, last night was another one that was hard to swallow.

NHL: Preseason-Los Angeles Kings at Vancouver Canucks Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

CANUCKS NEWS: Gotta give Sportsnet props for not sending a crew down to Utah for last night’s pre-season tilt against the Kings. First, it gave us a dose of 1970’s nostalgia, recalling a time when the majority of Canucks games were not on the ol’ idiot box. Secondly, it was (for those of us with Center Ice) a reminder that this season is going to be painfully difficult to watch at times, especially when it comes to inter-divisional matchups.

The Canucks are making moves in the right direction, make no mistake. The movement is near glacial in pace however, and it’s fairly obvious so far when looking at how they compare against their closest rivals. In a game where both teams iced lineups that are pretty close to what they’ll use on opening night, one of these teams was far better than the other.

Much of the same issues that have plagued the Canucks over the last couple campaigns seem to be present so far: A lack of offence, a power play that leaves something to be desired and defensive play that is hard to watch.

JPat has some thoughts on last night, including the performances of Olli Juolevi and Adam Gaudette...

Last year Brock Boeser just about took Rookie of the Year honours til Cal Clutterbuck came along and f’d that all up. The word is out on Elias Pettersson and he’s being touted as the one to beat this year...

And here’s a take for you to discuss: Is it time to send a message to Jake Virtanen?

Just a quick post today, but for those of you who were off the planet yesterday, the Philadelphia Flyers unleashed their new mascot yesterday. Or heralded the beginning of the end of humanity. Not sure which, possibly both. Good luck sleeping ever again.