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These preseason games just won’t stop

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Canucks vs Flames in Calgary

NHL: Preseason-Calgary Flames at Vancouver Canucks Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

The Canucks are back it tonight after making a few cuts to the preseason roster. The cut that hurt the most was Jagger Dirk. That name is priceless.

The Canucks first line looked pretty good last game against the Kings. Lines 2-4.....still waiting to see.

How this line;

If Gaudette can’t get some points tonight, he will be on the next plane to Utica to start the year.

Demko will get the start tonight and is supposed to play the whole game. Is Green just teasing us or is there a chance Nilsson gets the boot and Demko gets to be the backup? I dream big.

Calgary will more of its actual team this game as they arrived back from China and losing two to the Bruins.