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It’s almost September.

2018 NHL Draft - Rounds 2-7
Can I trade you a 1st for a 4th liner?
Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

There two ways to look at the Canucks news cycle right’s either really slow or there are stories that just haven’t been beaten to death yet. Rosterbation was fun for a bit, but I want training camp to get here so we can really argue and start the name calling.

  1. Benning vs Linden

Two men entered the ring and one left. One man was about building a team and another was about building a product. It seems weird that each man was in the wrong job. Linden’s vision of building a team through picks and developing this youthful team into a contender is perfect GM mentality. Unfortunately it seems that Benning knows the way to Francesco’s heart...wallet...same thing, and was able to sell him on...4th liners? It just strikes me funny that a guy like Benning, who can supposedly pick talent in drafts, has no faith in letting youth have a shot at driving this losing bus. And let’s not kid ourselves, this is a losing team. Even if the free agents who signed here have great years, the Canucks are a losing team.

I thought it would have been the opposite and Linden was the guy pushing experience.

I am sorry Trevor that I doubted you.

2. Botchford bye-bye?

Aug 2 marked the last tweet from Jason Botchford. The Provies are done. I wonder the influence Francesco had with the Province after Botch said Benning had made terrible trades and FA signings and still outmaneuvered Linden. What am I saying, the media is free from ownership influence, right? I offered him a job here....he will decline. I didn’t agree with him much, but he was/is a needed voice in this market. He communicated with his audience as well on twitter and was always quick to respond to emails I sent him. I hope he sticks around.

3. Quiet about goalies

I do read every article and comment on NM. I have noticed there hasn’t been much talk about the starting goalie situation. Demko/DiPietro seems to distracted people from the two Swedes. I was hoping Anders Nilsson would have been traded by now, but alas there is no Santa Claus. The Swedish duo showed last year that they are consistent in their inconsistency and won’t steal enough games for a team that struggles to score.

4. NHL.COM Preview

I read the preview and the 3 burning questions for the year. Let me summarize and answer the questions.

a. Can Pettersson replace the Sedins....hahahahaha

b. Will the defense be able to score......hahahahaha

c. Which two youngins will make the team? Gaudette and Virtanen are the right answers...but Adam would have to score multiple times in preseason to make that happen.

5. Player strike is coming

Jimmi was talking about a strike a couple of years ago and I ignored him, was jimmi. In the end though, I think the crazy bastard is going to be right. The NHLPA and it’s members fell into the escrow trap the owners set for them in the last CBA. If 50/50 was set in stone then the greed of the superstars + the escrow escalator = screwing over the rest of the players to equalize the money so it would 50/50 split. I don’t know how the NHLPA sold this stupidity to its members last time, but this time the players will want a new system. If you go back and read the articles from the last work stoppage, I was pro-owner, and nothing will change this time. I know it seems weird with the amount I bash Aquillini, but the player’s greed really set up the “problem” this time and in the end the fans will probably pay for it with a strike in 2020.