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Is there any news left?

The Canucks have been busy beavers over the summer.

2018 NHL Draft - Round One Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Hi…I’m back. I’m sorry.

It seems like I missed quite a bit of Canuck news while I toured around my home and native land.

Let me summarize:

1. AMFB retires

2. Jannik Hansen runs away to Russia

3. Virts re-signs a reasonable contract

4. Some FAs sign

5. Stetcher re-signs

6. Pouliot resigns

7. Some guy named Hughes gets drafted against my wishes

8. Linden leaves

This has been a busy offseason for the team but I have some news for you, nothing has changed. This team is probably a bottom five dweller. I say this because we really don’t know what this team will look like post-Sedins. The rosterbation will leave reporters with blistered fingers.

August is the start of the first of three seasons. The first is the development camps, which is followed by the second season, preseason. It will be interesting to see how good Pettersson is…if he is healed. The third season is the actual season, which will be one of the interesting ones for the Canucks in almost 20 years. Where will the goals come from? Will the injury fairies come early? Will Tanev be around after January? How much will the Canucks re-sign Edler for? Can the Canucks defense please be better than last year? PLEASE. Can Gaunce score more than 5 goals? HAHAHA!

I have enjoyed reading all the speculation surrounding Linden’s departure. In the end though, we all saw the signs of someone leaving as Linden and Benning were never really on the same page when it came to interviews. You would have to think that difference was also in meetings when it came to drafting, player signings and overall future direction of the team.

The real surprise over the past few months has been the activity of Aquillini on Twitter. He has taken a page out of the Trump hand book. Francesco has gone from the man who only came into the room when things were good, to the man who is learning to use social media to show who is controlling the Canucks. In the world of professional hockey there is 4 tier system; Owner, President, GM and Coach. The owner is the only safe player in this game. We already saw the GM get rid of a coach, but who would have guessed that the President would be gone before the GM? I guess Aquillini trusted the experience of GMJB more than Linden. I guess Ol’Jimbo is smarter than most make him out to be.

Sept 18 is still a-ways away so there is lots of time for the Canucks to make more news.