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Free Agent Feeding Frenzy - Open Thread: Tavares is a Canuck!

Or is he? So many rumours, so little credibility.

New York Islanders v Washington Capitals Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

By the time you read this, the truth will be out there. If you find it, could you ask it to call us. Just not collect. We can barely handle the truth when its paying for our false hope.

This is the day. THE day. When GMs make players and their agents very happy. Also the day when Nucks fans huddle over their screens hoping that JB doesn’t create an ‘Eriksson’ level event. We’re not even sure if we can handle a feisty Beagle with a ring.

It’s our money JB can/will/won’t spend. It’s not really ours. Directly. If it was, we’d be spending it on rum-sprees through the south of France or some other fermented activity. And then refresh our roster by drafting kidnapping players from other teams claiming something about senior expansion draft team prerogatives.

Latest (out-of-date) Rumours:

  • Roussel is a Canuck on a $12M contract over 4 years.
  • Beagle is a Canuck on a $x.x contract over x years.
  • de Haan is a Canuck. Or at least was born in Canada.
  • We are ALL CANUCKS! That means you too, John!

This. Conclusive evidence that Tavares was pursuing the Nucks, but JB blew him off.

And to console himself...John signed with the...uh...

Enjoy your Canada Day, Canada! The rest of us will be sweating the details in the fine or coarse innuendos.

Also Canada, be aware that Westy is in-country for the summer and will be expecting his share of your part of Canada. It’s like a tithe, but weirder and more arbitrary. Also - Westy had no part in creating these lies and speculations herein - other than he told me tell you them.

Let the Summer Sillies begin!