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Less than a fortnight until we choose to WIN again!


The Hockey Gods were kind enough to halt the SCF early and give us our proper focus, here and now. And our focus here and now is where it always is - on the Future!

Let’s get our future winning hockey culture out of the petri dish of speculation and into the solid ground of what-ifs and could-be-awesomes.

Over at the NHL’s Department of Spookulation they posted this:

7. Vancouver Canucks

Dobson: The Canucks have built an exciting crop of young forwards. Now they need someone to get them the puck, and Dobson, a right-shot who does well in all areas of the ice, would be a big help in improving their transition game.

Bouchard: Bouchard tied for seventh in the OHL with 87 points (25 goals, 62 assists), the first defenseman to finish among the top 10 scorers in the OHL since Windsor’s Ryan Ellis (Nashville Predators) was tied for fourth with 101 points in 2010-11. David Gregory of NHL Central Scouting called Bouchard the prototypical new-millennium defenseman teams look for.

Hughes: He has a few shortcomings with his defensive-zone play, but Hughes has the potential to become a star. Canucks fans will appreciate his vision and instincts.

They also say this about the spooktacular Fawks:

Wahlstrom: Not only is Wahlstrom fast, but he probably has the best wrist shot in this draft class. With that kind of power to go with his formidable size, the Blackhawks Canucks will be in business.

Some editing for clarity in the above quote.

If you doubt my veracity (I do) you can check their Dahlin-droolfest here for yourself. Or your cat. Because your cat doesn’t care who, when or where we draft. Sorry, but it was time you knew that.

Previously on NM’s How-To-Lose-Your-Shit-Show, it was posted that we might consider trading our hard-won, injury-faery stained #7 pick for some fledgling young NHL defenceman from Carolina. Sadly, that post missed it’s April 1st publishing date. We apologise for the utter failure of the NM scheduling department.

We interrupt this for a little exercise in the deconstipative arts.

There are rumours floating around - someone on the internet forgot to flush. Let’s dive into the bowl and take a poll on the fate of stinking hockey up.


Should NM launch a new undocumented series entitled: "How-To-Lose-Your-Shit-Show" ?

This poll is closed

  • 54%
    Yes! NucksNation has suffered some shitty years - we need a Shit-Loss program
    (19 votes)
  • 14%
    No! There’s still so much crap on the internet we’re trying to dump
    (5 votes)
  • 28%
    Yes! But make some Shit-Noise too! A poo’dcast - we want to know if you sound as stupid as your write.
    (10 votes)
  • 2%
    Ok, but only as an animated Shrapnel ‘n Suds TDL festival
    (1 vote)
35 votes total Vote Now

Please feel free to make a ridiculous case for trading away the one great Badge of Dishonour we struggled to win this past season, our 7th overall pick.

Lucky #7. It will be ours! Or will it?

The NHL and most of NucksNation want us to pick a (semi) stud D. The keen offensive talent on NM want us to pick Wahlstrom. Some idiot over on Sportsnet wants us to give away our 7th to some sad eastern team.

Me? I still want us to take Dahlin. But he is Buffalo’s, jimmi. Don’t care. JB’s a big guy - he can walk across the floor and fight for Dahlin. Fight for us. I don’t want to see Trader-Jim, I want to see Fighter-Jim taking back what was promised to us in the hallowed hollow words of the Westy Destiny.

Let’s get this Draft Party Started!