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A little stat to analyze

How many chances are converted when players are on the ice for the Canucks?

Vancouver Canucks v Arizona Coyotes Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Hello all,

I have taken the time again this year to gather statistics for my own original stat Corsi Conversion Ratio (CCR). The stat looks at Corsi for and against per 60 and also goals for and against per 60 for each player.

Here is the formula:

1) GF/60 divided by CF/60 = GFR

2. GA/60 divided by CA/60 = GAR


The ratio helps see the result of Corsi for each player.

*Full disclosure

I created this stat and haven’t seen anything like it. I like this, but it could also mean I am full of shit.


***All of these numbers are 5vs5

You can look at the individual stats and come to conclusions like when Sven is one the ice, there are too many Corsi chances against. In the end though, when Sven is on the ice there is a higher conversion rate of goals for than against.

In past years, the Sedins had been positive players 5vs5, but not this year. Goldy and Boucher are exciting to watch, but too many chances are being converted against when they are on the ice.

And the kicker for some, Brandon Sutter is the leader. When he was on the ice there was not a lot of Corsi chances being converted.

The stats individually definitely show that the Canucks need to improve defensively, but there are some players who aren’t the anchors that some have portrayed them to be. In past years I have used this stat to show that Luca Sbisa was better than the narrative.

Take a look and pick it apart.