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Entry Draft 2018: It’s OVER! We’re Doomed. Less Doomed Than Ever Before!

Did JB steal the second best D available? Did he steal the correct BPA?

2018 NHL Draft - Round One Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Now that the draft is over, what can we do to fill the time until training camp? Trade them all!

We wanted a stud defenceman. Or at least a possibly star-studded defenceman. We got him. Or did we? Only time will tell. And nobody has time for that.

So... with a week to go before July 1st - which is known as Canada Day around Canada - it’s also known as the NHL Spending Holiday - we rev up the idle speculation engine to the redline.

Here’s what JB and his scoutigentsia did with our hard-won-lost lotto picks:

#7 - Quintin Hughes

Age: 18 - Shoots: Left - Height: 5-foot-10.99995 - Weight: 174-197 lbs. - Position: Defence

We’re half way through our rebuild with brothers program. The older brother is Quinn Hughes, but if you call him Hank for a season, that’s fine.

Quinn’s younger brother is Jack Hughes, who is already set to by drafted #1 - by us - in 2019 - in Vancouver! How cool is that? NOTE to Westy: Please get your magic balls in the air by then.

#37 - Jett Woo

Position: D Shoots: Right Age: 17 Height: 6-foot Weight: 205 pounds

Woo! Another skilled D with probably the coolest name in the league. Jett was a member of Canada’s gold medal-winning team at the 2017 Ivan Hlinka Memorial. Woo was recognised as one of team Canada’s “Top Three Players” at the 2017 under-18 world championship - not just for name recognition either.

Jett is from Winterpeg, which ensures that NM’s (disloyal) Jets fans can cheer for their and our Jett without those pangs of fan guilt.

#68 - Tyler Madden

He’s small, fast and sneaky. That’s what his dad, John Madden, said about Tyler when he was a toddler. Now he’s in the bigs. Almost. He was named Team East’s most valuable player and first star at the 2018 USHL/NHL Top Prospects game.

Note: His weight is listed at 153lb. - before you scream into the comment box - He’s TOO SMALL - that’s 153 British Pounds which is 196 Canadian pounds - weird how the pundits missed that.

#130 - Toni Utunen

The 5’10”, 169 pound defenceman won a gold medal, as captain, with team Finland under-18 world junior championships last year.

#186 - Artyom Manukyan

Described as an enigmatic right wing, who will push Goldy to succeed, played five games on Team Russian at the 2018 World Junior Championship, registering two assists. In 2016.17 he became the first player in the MHL to score over 100 points after he registered 105 (39-66-105) with Omskie Yastreby

#192 - Matthew Thiesen

He’s our new goalie prospect. Thiessen was named to the MJHL All-Rookie Team, the MJHL Best GAA, MJHL Champion and the MJHL First All-Star Team. He is committed to the University of Maine. And the Canucks. Someday. Pretty sure.

And that’s what JB got. What have you got?