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Canucks Player Recap: Michael Del Zotto

The Man, the Myth....the Legend?

Vancouver Canucks v Montreal Canadiens Photo by Minas Panagiotakis/Getty Images


Michael Del Zotto

Born: June 24th, 1990 in Stouffville, Ontario

Position: D Shoots: Left

Drafted: 1st round (20th overall) in 2008 by the NY Rangers

Let’s begin with this:

”Michael is a mobile, playmaking defenceman who adds depth and scoring to our blue line. His ability to log big minutes and contribute in all situations will help our team be competitive every night.” ~ Jim Benning

I think Ol’Jimbo hit the nail on the head with that one. The reason why Del Zotto was loggin lots of minutes might have been different than Benning planned though….or not. Many throughout the history of Canuck fandom state that this organization is a goalie graveyard, but the truth is that this team goes through more defensemen in a season than I drink beers during the season. (Rum is nicer)

Michael had proven he could log a lot of minutes in New York and Philly. Del Zotto’s stint under Torts in New York was working out pretty well, as Del Zotto put up some pretty impressive numbers. That all changed under AV, and Del Zotto was shipped out to Philly.

In Philly, Michael played well in his first season but got injured in the second and struggled to regain form in his third season there. He signed his first FA contract with the Canucks last summer for 2 years, at $3 million year.


I’m going to give Del Zotto the nickname “Edler Light”, because the guy actually did everything the team ask of him. This is the first time ever that Del Zotto played every single game. How many other Canuck defensemen did that? Zero. Del Zotto was the man 5vs5, but his was also on PK2 and PP2. Injuries to Guds and Tanev for large chunks of the year made sure that Del Zotto was always on the ice. Was that ideal for the Canucks, no, but he played well enough to justify his salary.

What he did this year.

First as a Canuck

Del Zotto jumping up

Del Zotto jumping of the bench and getting his own rebound.

Notice that Del Zotto was with Guds on the first two goals. That needs to stop next year. I understand the idea of a slow guy with a fast guy, but fuck they were bad together.

Del Zotto enters the last year of this contract. The question this year is, will he make himself a valuable piece to get another contract on this rebuilding team or is he the guy that will be replaced by youth this year at the trade deadline? It might be hard to get rid of him and he really does serve a purpose on this team.