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Canuck Player Recap: Adam Gaudette

A New Centre Takes The KesCenter Stage. Pretty soon.

Edmonton Oilers v Vancouver Canucks Photo by Rich Lam/Getty Images


Adam Gaudette

Born: October 3, 1996, Braintree, MA, USA

Slim-Center-Sized: 6’ 1” | 170 lb

Pos: C Shoots: Right

Drafted: 2015 VAN, 5th rd, 28th pk (149th overall)

Expectations were pretty high back in the dark days of ‘15 - all of NM were keen to draft a future Keslord. So when we picked Adam in the 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th round - Wait! 5th round!? What? How can we expect a longshot 5th rounder to become a potent 2C on an offensively impotent team?

I don’t know. But that’s how we roll. The dice of draftiness. Sometimes they roll your way, even if your team is the Nucks.

And Adam rolled through the NCAA like a beast.

And then he went full Hobey-best and won this...

Finished the NCAA season as the scoring leader with 60 points. 60! He could replace (almost) the Sedins single-personed - now that’s cap smart, right there. be asking...did he play for the Nucks and save the season? Yes, yes, he did - what little bit that could be saved by the seeing a glimpse of future promise.

Check out his time-limited stats.

NHL Standard
NHL Possession Metrics

He had way more goals and assists than those stingy and highly disputed NHL stats. I know this because I saw him score points in every game - with my own eyes. Ok, not my eyes, but my Westy whiskey eyes - he was out of rum that night.

And he is already one of the Canucks’ best players. Groan, moan and whine, but the never-wrong AI Googlebots don’t make ranking mistakes. You can look it up yourself. If you don’t mind Google tracking your every keystroke and data-mining your pads off everywhere you surf until you by that Adam Gaudette jersey. And Hank & Danny bobbleheads.

Adam is the future. Now. Or will be soon.

Come October, expectations will be higher than Westy on game night - we expect nothing less than buckets of Gaudy Goals. 2018 Hoby Baker Winner. 2019 Calder and Art Ross Winner.

They say there’s no pressure playing in Vancouver. The ‘they’ are realtors who only cater to multi-millionaire clients. And Loui. A pressure-free hockey multi-millionaire.

However, for Nucks fans in the ROG, there’s so much pressure to perform that even the most tranquil indoor pond freezes over. So we can watch amazing young talents skate the ice to light the big red light, early and often.

The easy peasy NM pressure cooker is just simmering. We’re boiling with excitement to watch our freshly bulked-up trophy-winning rookie rip up the league. Kes who?