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Canuck Player Recap: Alex Biega

The Bulldog - snarls, hits and scores!

Vancouver Canucks v Pittsburgh Penguins
The Bulldog chasing most of the Pens roster off the ice.
Photo by Justin Berl/Getty Images


Alex Biega

Born: April 4, 1988 in Montreal, Quebec (Aires from Hell as they say in the AstrodogHockey Guide)

Bulldog-sized: 5-10, 193lb (178cm, 87kg)

Pos: D Shoots: Right

Drafted: 2006 BUF, 5th rd, 24th pk (147th overall)

Probably the feistiest, fiercest, most-feared dog on the Nucks blueline. Never takes a shift off. (Maybe because every shift could be his last). Gets few kudos because he’s been in the 7-8/AHL call-up role. Despite the leading all Nucks D in GWGs and hits. I have his stats right here to back it up too. Let me go fetch them. Meanwhile, have a look at his other impressive stats.

Back-back seasons with the GWG (Grrreat Wonderful Goal). 2015-17 he gave at the AHL office.

Checkout his advanced Advanced Stats until your eyes cloud over while squinting the Bulldog way.

Bulldog shook JB like a ragdoll in February and dragged home a 2 year extension. We can all be happy for that. So he can do this more often...

However, you don’t hire a Bulldog for barking points, but for more menacing work...

And look at this - another GWG, just a scant 131 games between...

Not just an offensive threat every few seasons, but can make even elite goalies happy to have Alex have their back.

Bulldog also toughed it out during the Injury Faery invasion when called upon as the 8-9th forward. A role he played so well that we can expect me to change the subject at any...Oh look! Bulldog is chewing it up with Dan.

Is Alex our best D-man? But, before you answer that - answer this, is Alex our worst D-man? Correct. 2xNo = 1 Yes. Thanks for waiting.

I’d ask you in a poll, but I prefer my own assumption that you’re thrilled to have a bonafide #1 Bulldog patrolling the blueline for us while channelling his inner Double D like a junkyard dog that made it to the bigs.

His feisty energy and determination makes him an ideal locker room leader. If he could only control his impulse to chew on teammates’ gear and pee in their lockers after a bad loss. Although...after some games, I wanted to pee in their lockers too.

So...give it up NM, for our Big Dog, Alex Biega.