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2018 World Hockey Championships: Canada vs Denmark

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Canada takes on the hosts after a double-digit win over South Korea

Canada fans


Jyske Bank Boxen- Herning, Denmark

TV and Radio: TSN

Head Coach Bill Peters is giving Curtis McElhinney a chance to run with things, rewarding him with a 2nd straight start coming off a 10-0 shutout win over South Korea. McElhinney stopped all 25 shots in the win, and Canada got 2 goals from Colorado’s Tyson Jost, and 8 others added a goal each in the victory. It’s important to keep pace after losing that shootout game against the Americans to open the tourney, and also keep the scoring up in case a tie-breaking scenario comes into play.

Going to be an interesting game for Leafs fans as McElhinney takes on Frederik Andersen’s team, and for some reason Denmark is resting the Leafs #1 goalie. Andersen is from Herning, and considered a hero there. This makes no sense, but perhaps this will work well for the Canadians.