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2018 NHL Playoffs Round 2- Game 3 Open Thread May 7/18


NHL: Stanley Cup Playoffs-Boston Bruins at Tampa Bay Lightning
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports


No more Marchand. No more Rene “Out of tune glorified Maitre D’” Rancourt. No more Jack Edwards. It’s a good day for hockey, folks. I want to say I hope David Backes is alright after a pretty serious head injury. And this, this is a hell of a tweet. Never, ever forget. This is why I will cheer for ANYONE over the Bruins, til the end of time.

VEGAS 3 SAN JOSE 0 (Golden Knights win series 4-2)

Welp. I honestly don’t know how to feel about all this, apart from feeling pretty done with the whole thing. Maybe it’s jealousy, but given the crap just our franchise alone has had to endure, the fact it seems to be progressing so easily for Vegas is just unnerving. And it’s not that they’re not good, or haven’t earned wins or anything. But there was a lot done by the NHL to create the situation they are in. As for the Sharks, sure you could speculate as to whether having Joe Thornton available would have helped. Apparently Evander Kane was playing with a separated shoulder and MCL injury as well. With their core aging, I wouldn’t be shocked if we see a bit of a rebuild start to happen in San Jose.

WASHINGTON @ PITTSBURGH 7:00 EDT/4:00 PDT (Capitals lead series 3-2) (SN)

Can they do it? If you thought the Blackhawks dominance over the Canucks for 2 consecutive playoff series was a compelling story, it doesn’t hold a candle to the way the Penguins have owned Alex Ovechkin and the Capitals. They’ve never been past the 2nd round in the Ovechkin era, and it’s usually been at the hands of the Penguins. Tonight, they have a chance to do some major dragon-slaying that will set up a 75% chance of a first-time Stanley Cup Champion. And that is far better for the game than the Pittsburgh Penguins, their fans and their god-awful media getting to celebrate for a 3rd straight year.

NASHVILLE @ WINNIPEG 9:30 EDT/6:30 PDT (Jets lead series 3-2) (CBC)

Speaking of things that are good for hockey, the Jets have a chance to move to the Conference Finals for the first time in their history, franchise or otherwise. And it’s pretty cool that the city that had lost their franchise, then lived through some awful years as they transitioned out of being the Thrashers, can seal this series up at home. It’s a great story and I am happy for them. Go Jets Go!