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2018 Stanley Cup Finals Open Thread: Game 1- Washington @ Vegas

Just accept it and move forward...

Vegas Golden Knights Hold First Practice Since Winning Western Conference Finals Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Washington Capitals @ Vegas Golden Knights

8:00 EDT/5:00 PDT

T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas, NV


It’s a funny sport, sometimes. In a post-season where there were a number of compelling storylines, when the smoke cleared, we ended up with what was probably the two least likely. In one corner, the Washington Capitals, and the immense baggage of the “Ovechkin can never win the big one” narrative. In the other... the Vegas Golden Knights. Much has been said about how Vegas got here, and let’s be honest, even when you have it all laid it, it’s still downright shocking, and one of the best sports stories ever. I know there’s a lot of you out there that don’t want to see Vegas win before the Canucks, but seriously this team and the way they came together has won me over. It’s such an amazing tale, and now I want to see how it ends.

It’s tough, because getting to see Alex Ovechkin lift the Stanley Cup has a great appeal, and the way they slayed their dragon (the Pittsburgh Penguins) obviously resonates with this fan base. But for every story outta DC, there’s a better one in Vegas, and let’s face it: one of the best appeals to the masochistic nature of Canucks fans. What could possibly be better than the words: Luca Sbisa, Stanley Cup Champion?

Anyway, let’s see your series predictions in the comments. Enjoy the game.