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5 questions?

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NHL: Columbus Blue Jackets at Vancouver Canucks Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

#1 Hi…did you know that there is less than 4 weeks until the NHL draft? Whatever your answer was, you’re lying.

If you truly believe that the Canucks should take the best available player with the 7th pick, would you then trade the pick to get Noah Hanifin? Am I wrong to say that he would be the best available player, if he is indeed available? The 7th pick maybe be part of a package. Since seeing that tidbit from Mr. Friedman’s 30 thoughts, I went and looked at Hanifin’s numbers from last year. There was blip on the screen that got my attention. Hanifin’s Corsi was 56% (best Canuck – Pouliot 50.7%), but his +/- was -20 (worst Canuck-----> again, Pouliot -22)

I was curious as why a defenseman who was the highest scoring on his team, had such a bad +/-. Those who don’t put any stock in +/- can look away now. But here is the response I got from Brian LeBlanc over at CanesCountry :

Couple reasons. One, his expected goals for was +10 but his actual was -10. So it was a good bit of bad luck at both ends. Second, he had the highest offensive zone start percentage (63%) of any defenseman, and he struggles getting back in coverage to defend a breakout, so that made for higher quality chances against. Ultimately it would be nice if a goalie made a save once in a while, and it wouldn’t be fair to blame it all on them, but his own shortcomings paired with shaky goaltending makes for a bit of a perfect storm.”

So I ask you again, do you think Hanifin is the best player available in the draft?

#2 Did you know that Pettersson signed and has agreed to save the franchise? He would like to point out that he can’t do that from Utica.

Does anyone else find it weird that the Canucks get him to sign him a contract when he is injured? Talk about omens. Now the questions will come as to how much weight can he put on before he starts playing….for Utica? I’m sure he will be given every opportunity to make the team, but what if he has a bad camp? What is a bad camp for him? I’m not sure the measuring stick will be correct from the start. Gaudette played games and never scored but it is assumed he will be on the opening roster as well….right?

I’m not sure what is in the best interest of Elias. I know I want him to come in and score 60 goals. Who am I kidding? I just want him to not run away after his first media scrum.

#3 Did you know that Nilsson is the odds-on favorite to win the Vezina next year? Now I’m lying.

That was some tournament he had. So how about we trade him now…ok? Send him back to his home…New York. The Islanders have crappy goaltending. Ask for one of those two second round picks they have and get a defenseman.

#4 Did you know that Brandon Sutter should be the next captain?

But there is enough media who will point to Bo and the Canucks management (and Aquilini) are listening. And how about that owner of ours and his use of the old tweet-tweet. He must have been taking notes from the President of the US. Mr Aquilini had only 39 tweets before the season started last year, even though he has had his account since Sep 2013. Since Oct 6th/17, he has tweeted 108 times.

Hey Francesco, do you want to have the fans love you? Be a little more like Mark Cuban and question the league when things look funny. The fans will hate you soon enough when the players strike in a couple years.

#5 Did you know Edler will be resigned this year?

I’m spitballin here, but it would not surprise me. The Canucks need him since depth at this position is weak. He’ll want long term again. I want 2 years. I seem to lose at these negotiations. I have no issue with $5 million/yr…but please don’t make it a four year contract with a NTC.