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2018 NHL Playoffs Round 3 - Game 5 Open Thread May 19/18

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Hockey Night in Canada Tampa

NHL: Stanley Cup Playoffs-Washington Capitals at Tampa Bay Lightning Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

WASHINGTON @ TAMPA BAY - 7:15 EDT/4:15 PDT (CBC/SN) (series ties 2-2)

It’s been a road hockey series. Can Tampa get a win with an unfamiliar home ice advantage? Can the Caps keep the series road streak going? Can we skip the boring ECF/SCF thing and get to the cool drafting part of the season?

As a Canucks fan, this series has been as exciting as the Word Championships. Ok, that’s giving this series too much hype. The WCF has been far more interesting to watch. Still not as exciting as watching Bo get a goal and not McD in a must-win situation. Bo will be a far better captain too.

But enough about the Canucks ECF. This is prime gardening season. Listen to the game through the vines!