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2018 NHL Playoffs Round 3 - Game 4 Open Thread May 18/18

Winnipeg’s gotta find an answer for Jonathan Marchessault or their White Out is gonna flame out.

Winnipeg Jets v Vegas Golden Knights - Game Three Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

WINNIPEG @ VEGAS- 8:00 EDT/5:00 PDT (CBC/SN) (Golden Knights lead series 2-1)

Turnovers. Warm, flaky delicious turnovers. Apple, Cherry, doesn’t matter I love ‘em... wait, what? Ohhhhh, THOSE kind of turnovers. Yeah, they’re killing the Jets right now. Especially when they happen with the Marchessault line is on the ice. Turnovers seem have their importance magnified in the post-season, and the way the Knights use their speed in the transition is probably the most impressive thing about them. If Winnipeg wants to avoid going back to Manitoba for an elimination game, they need to tighten up and not cough up the puck as much.

One thing the Jets can look to is that Hellebuyck has rarely lost 2 in a row, let alone 3. Expect them to bounce back tonight with a strong game from the Vezina nominee. He’s been at his best with the series on the line. The Jets will also need to get the kind of secondary scoring that Vegas is getting from the rest of their crew. If they don’t, we’re gonna be talking about the expansion team in the Stanley Cup Finals and that’s not something I am ready for, tbh...