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2018 NHL Playoffs Round 3- Game 2 Open Thread May 14/18

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Vegas gets Jetted again

NHL: Stanley Cup Playoffs-Vegas Golden Knights at Winnipeg Jets Terrence Lee-USA TODAY Sports


It’s a Monday playoff game in May. And instant summer here on the not-so-wet coast. Yet hockey is still a thing further east. Weird? Definitely. I’m not saying the NHL season is too long. It’s waaay too long.

I remember when hockey was a winter sport. Never played in late spring. Or in deserts where spring means temps in the low 40s. Celcius.

Anyhow, the magic red carpet ride for the Stolen Knights had a bumpy landing in the whiteout in game one.

Can Vegas even the series outside of thermostatically-controlled America? We’ll see, but they’ll need more offence and less shots-against versus the new rising power of the prairies.

The Jets’ own magic fairytale season is a great story on its own. Unless you’re a perma-resident of NucksNation. Although by the time we’re ready to play through 3 rounds of golf hockey, the Jets should be cooling. We hope.

Enjoy another beautiful May evening. And if you must, sneak indoors for a few plays.