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2018 NHL Playoffs Round 3- Game 2 Open Thread May 13/18

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Mother’s Day Edition

NHL: Stanley Cup Playoffs-Washington Capitals at Tampa Bay Lightning Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

It’s the Mother’s Day edition of the NHL playoffs. If you post in this thread or dare to watch a mean-nothing eastern conference final game instead of delivering a hand-knit tea cozy to your mom, well... mom-guilt can last a lifetime. Or beyond. You’ve been warned.


They drained the swamp and Ovi can finally play and win in a mean-nothing eastern conference final. Pretty exciting. Not for real hockey fans half a world away out west who are busy pulling weeds and tidying up the garden for their mothers. Or else.

In case you missed game 1 ( I did), the Caps won the first game and look to take a 2-zipper lead on T-Bay. No one predicted that. Except, Kent, who will remind us in every post for the next 4 meaningless months.

For those of you into meaningless eastern conference games, enjoy the interruption of your Mother’s Day dinner you thoughtfully prepared at an undisclosed drive-thru location.

Whoever you cheer for, it’s the wrong team - unless your Mom lives in Florida or D.C.