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THE ROUNDUP: All Over But The Crying, The Vigneault Show Cancelled, and more...

Locker-room cleanout day aka “What kind of delusional stuff are GM’s gonna say about why their team missed the playoffs” day is so much fun!

NHL: Vancouver Canucks at Edmonton Oilers Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports


As 15 teams began the process of packing up and heading off for the summer (or in the case of Bo Horvat, getting ready to represent Team Canada at the World Championships), the leadership groups of these teams also meet with the media to talk about the season that has now ended and in some cases, how it all went horribly wrong. But enough about the Montreal Canadiens, let’s focus on the home front first.

A number of players spoke with the media and talked about where to go from here.

It was encouraging to hear them speak of being cautious moving forward, especially with a sizable chunk of cap space for next season and big holes to fill. I will also point out that this management group has said a number of things that they completely contradicted down the road, so take it all with a grain of salt. I don’t have a lot of faith that the guy who signed Loui Eriksson and Michael Del Zotto won’t pull the trigger on more bad free agents this summer. Beggsy has a nice breakdown of everything here, and they’ve got the entire thing on video for your perusal.

Looking to the ones that will lead the way next year, it sounds like things are looking good in Brock Boeser’s recovery.

Speaking of the kidz, Nikolay Goldobin, Tyler Motte and Ashton Sautner were reassigned to Utica today for their playoff run. The Comets will be excited to get them back, especially Goldobin, who gives them some much needed scoring as they prepare for the post-season.

And because it’s going to be a long time before we finish paying tribute to the Sedins, Sportsnet650 put together an audio montage of their history in Vancouver and it’s a must-listen.


The danger of being part of a bad team is that if it never gets any better, it takes a far greater toll than many are willing to admit. Ryan O’Reilly held nothing back today...

It was just last week that our old pal AV stated he was pretty sure that he would be back next season as coach of the New York Rangers. Turns out he was pretty wrong.

I am sure he’ll end up somewhere. He’s a good coach, popular with players. This isn’t the last we see of him.

We’ll have our playoff preview coming up soon, and a reminder that daily open threads will happen again this season. In the meantime, make sure and check out the latest Outreach thread, with more to come.