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NUCKS WIN!!! (Sedin S/O Goal) Drop Oil and Game 3-2 in S/O

The amazing (pretty much) end to an Amazing Career - Thanks Hank & Dank

NHL: Vancouver Canucks at Edmonton Oilers
The game’s 2nd/3rd stars leave the ice - but not our hearts.
Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

It’s a double bittersweet end to the season. A little bitter since we were promised in the Westy Destiny Doctrine that the Nucks would be making a yuuuuge Cup run this season. And still could. The Westy Destiny Doctrine is full of surprises.

And it was a dark day for hockey. That tragic accident twisted the fun of junior hockey team travel into a devastating blow to us all, especially the familes and friends of the Humboldt Bronco players.

And for NucksNation it was the final game of the Twins.

17 year vet Nucks fans watched the Sedins go from shy teenagers to classy men in front of our eyes - 1.7 decades that zipped by in a scant 30,000+ shifts.

There’s still 60 minutes left in the contracts and Hank and Dank mean to honour their commitment to us with one last sweet ‘n sad stride through the Sedinery.

To open the game, a moment of silence is observed for the Humboldt Bronos and their family and friends. A heart-wrenching reminder of the frail side of the game. The mortality game.

1st Period

With the tragic backdrop to this last game of the season for both teams, all the players had a tough time getting the crowd in the ROP into it. (I think it’s called the ROP - it’s another Rogers barn, so there’s that)

And we’ve come to anticipate, Gags the thug can’t keep his thuggery in check and trips an Edmonton player, because...that’s what thugs do.

What is weird is the Oil powerplay hasn’t been berry good - despite have the league’s point leader on it. Tonight tho, because the Nucks decent PK was caught puck watching, McD sent a pass to Draisaitl who roofs it on Nillie.

It’s 1-0 Oils. Feels like more. Or less. So many feelings swirling around in this game it was hard to keep track. The gamethread was no help either. Only confirmed the worst.

But, the show, the game must go on.

And it does.

The Nucks outshot the Oil 10-0. Or was it 10-7. No matter. It’s just a game. The last NHL game ever for our beloved Twins.

Who score the tieing Nucks goal. Because they’re so humble, they let others take credit. Others who want a contract next season in the NHL

It’s a Dank Jussi tip on a Hank MDZ shot.

1-1 after 1. You can’t write a better storybook ending to a period. Ok, you can write way better stories, like how Hank & Dank combined on 5 goals. Each.

Just in case, there’s some NMers still interested in modest levels of actual game play, will try to keep the recap on the nearly believable side of the tracks.

You can believe this:

2nd Period

There was a little feistyness in our former Kasssquatch. And our re-2011’d Eddie.

The Nucks totally dominate the Oils in this period. The shot count alone shows that - 13 shots for each team. 13 + 13 = 26 - 4 = 22. And 13 + 13 = 26 + 6 = 33. A mathamagical coincidence? I don’t think so.

Oh right...the game. I’ll try to recall it through my heavy heart, heavy handed wording and heavy duty rain tarps.

Our new guy put on a Gaudly display of moves and almost won the game with dangles.

In case you missed the news in the midst of all the bad news, Adam Gaudette won the Hobey Baker award for the Best Player in NCAA. Congrats Adam! We’ll need those 60 points next year. If you can make it a hundred, that would work too.

Again the Twins strike fear and awesomeness in the ROP. Pretty much. This time by letting other Nucks players go get the lead. The right way. By scoring a goal.

Sutter and Archie create havoc on ice in front of the Oiler net - Motte creates poetry with only a simple stick, a puck and the net.

Ignore that part about trading goals. It wasn’t a fair trade. We were winning and then we were only tieing. And according to the NM Trade Center, the Nucks win all the trades. Look it up. Just not now while you’re reading this and stumble across silly facts that contradict my winning recap.

Which we’re all winning. In our own twisted gamethread way. Game is only 30 minutes old and already the rosterbaters are pulling salary capgasms all over the page.

Without much prompting the GT slid down the lotto landing ramp and splashed into the bottom steps on the pool ladder.

For that brief moment in time, we were caught in future fever...where the fever is hot and the future is bright.

Then the gamethread got quiet know...

3rd Period

And we start the third the way we finished the second. Tied. Had hoped the Twins would go out and play some two-on-none and run up the score during the intermission.

If only the league had let us have a little 2-on-2 instead of 3-on-3 to extend the career of the Twins a little longer.

Anyhow, the league doesn’t listen to me as much as they used to when I had Gary’s home number in the Hamptons. Probably pulled one too many “Please wait for an important message from the NBA Former Executive’s Fund”.

So the the period goes on. And on. Without any goals. We did get to see a little Sedinery on the Nucks single powerplay. But not quite the finish we were hoping for. Or was it?

Having this period end in a tie wouldn’t be the worst thing would it? No it wouldn’t. Watching the Sedins just a few more shifts would be fine indeed.

And fine it was...


The crowd is into the game. The game thread is into the game. The Sedins are in the game.

Some good rushes back and forth - especially when Virt out raced McD down the ice - looked like a certain goal - but he was hooked. No penalty. No storybook ending for this game.

Sedins will have to end it the right way. With a 3-on-3 goal. And Hank did. Had Talbot beat. But some thoughtless, insensitive Oil D put his stick behind Talbot and deflected the shot that would have been heard round the Twin Legacy for years.

We were robbed again. Our storybook is going to need some extra pages and some quick thinking writers to put the Sedinery in ink with a unique twist.


Hank and Danny, didn’t know it was going to happen, but their kids joined them on the bench - possibly to share some secret Sedin family shootout moves.

The first Canuck to shoot is Danny. And scores the storybook goal we wanted to see. Even the home crowd was cheering Danny’s last NHL goal. Beauty snipe it was too.

And Hank was given a chance to extend his 0-6 shootout streak. And did. Oh well. Why blow a career streak in his last league game.

The Oil would go on to win the skillz session, by a single goal. Which is so close to a tie that it doesn’t really matter.

What matters is this.

And the refs gave the Twins their final game puck. Which they gave to Double D.

Classy. The Nucks locker room will never be the same. Maybe the Twins could come back as assistant Class Bringers or something.

And we come full circle. The game began under the cloud of despair over the loss of young hockey players.

There’s hockey. Then there’s family. Today all the hockey families need a hug.

The Oilers stayed on the ice for a farewell hand shake. Classy move, Edmonton.

And to honour Hank, the Oils ended the game with 33 shots. The Nucks, replied with 22. Or 38. Yeah, it was 38. Which evenly divides into 22 when using stretchy math.

Full video highlights. The last of an era. Do not tear up. I won’t. Too much.

I watched them go down the hall one last time. Then I really teared up.

Because it was a loss, technically, a Sedin must meet the media - accountable to the end.

And because, even at the end of their careers, the Twins still compete with each other, Danny meets the media too. That and the media kinda wanted to have one last scrum with him too.

Here’s the After Hours interview with the Sedins. Cut a little short by the O/T S/O career extensions.

And in case you missed the final home game clip when the Twins were mic’d up - here it is.

They’ll be many proper NM reviews of the careers of our Hall of Fame players in the coming months. Even if it takes 17 years to cover it all in a proper real time context.

So many amazing plays we’ve witnessed in the Sedinery. Thank you Henrik and Daniel for sharing your gift of hockey artistry with us.

Finally, I’d like to wish the Twins all the success they deserve when they resume their interrupted exotic dance careers.

That’s a wrap on my last recap of the year. I’d do more, but Westy wants to cover the Nucks playoff run using unconventional mind-control methods. If you think he’s crazy, that’s what he wants you to think when you think about it, which you won’t want to do, because it means he’ll be in your thoughts running the crazy train right through your mind.

A big thank you to all you NM commenters who joined my recaps on rails in the Neverland Express last year when it was running a little empty, but classy.

Luxury Hockey Fan Travel

Until the wheels fell off during the Injurious Faery Period that lasted two torturous months - they were not only team wreckers, but fan train vandals too.

IR Faeries can trash our train, but can never take Destiny off the tracks

Thank You Henrik & Daniel! And thank you NM for making this season so much fun. Sure, it could have been more fun if we’d all chipped in to pay off the Injury Faeries, but we could start a fund for next year. Just in case.

Have a sober Sunday and a tremendous off season!