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Gamethread: This is the end, my friend

The Sedins play their last game tonight against the Oilers, a team they have dominated throughout the years. Let's hope the Oiler faithful don't hold a grudge.

Rich Lam/Getty Images


(photo:Darryl Dyck/The Canadian Press)

I'm not sure Edmonton can re-create the feeling of the last game, but I sure hope they try. There is not much else I can write about the emotion of tonight. I'm sure their teammates with be fired up to play and the crowd will be noisy.

It's been a tough year for the Nucks and being able to celebrate the achievements of two the teams best players is an awesome way to end it.

Thanks for stopping NM gamethreads this year. We appreciate you making this community a fun place to be and hope you stick around this spring and summer and participate.

Now sit back....enjoy the last game of the year.

Enjoy the last game of our Swedish Twins.

Give your loved ones a hug tonight and be thankful for the time with them. I'm not sure I can write clearly about my thoughts on Humboldt. I grew up in northeastern B.C. and made those weekend hockey trips. Hockey was/is the pulse of the town and I can only imagine the grief Humboldt is going through.

One last game for the boys.