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SEDINS WIN!!! (NUCKS Too!) Dank Defeats Yotes 4-3 in O/T

Storybook Ending For A Storied Career Times Two

Twin Tribute To Top Them All

Wow! What a game! What a send off! We want 4 more Sedin home games!!! I mean... we want 16 more. This season.

Westy’s on it. His chosen delivery method might be unorthodox unnatural and involve large amounts of rum injected directly into the unprepared fan’s anus imagination.

Tonight we were drunk on joy and tears. For 17 seasons, which is over 119 seasons in dog hockey, we Nucks fans have been treated to a lush panoramic vision of Sedinery that will never be seen on ROG ice again.

We were rewarded with a suitably super starlit swan song. The 37 year old Sedins graced us with some timeless plays. And goals! I won’t even have to play fast and loose with the time delay replays. Thanks, Hank and Danny!

Just another game for these twin powers of professional hockey and amateur eauto jockeys.

What was waiting for them at the rink? Nothing much. Only the biggest home game in almost a decade. No big deal.

Since I’m slightly emotionally compromised by this past week, let’s just move onto the storybook action - action that probably pulled the script from the crumpled pages of the Westy Destiny Playbook.

1st Period

The Sedins are up for this game - despite being exhausted by the week’s events. Events they brought on themselves it should be mentioned. And events that have overtaken us all in NucksNation.

Anyhow...back to the game. Danny rings one off the post early. The tone is set. If not the table. Because as is the hospitable Nucks generosity at home this season, they let the Yotes get the first goal in the first.

Despite being up a goal, the Yotes are doomed. They just don’t know it yet. Getting outshot by the Canucks 11-7 is the subtle foreshadowing that only the NM gamethread pre-cogs are on to.

2nd Period

You know what’s coming. The ROG knows what’s coming. Even the Yotes know. Just not when.

But, the number faeries are playing by numbers in this game.

22 scores 33 seconds into the second. On a give ‘n go from 33 and 23.

Pretty passing through the Sedinery and it’s 22’s 22nd goal of the season. I’m not making this up!

This is the stuff that was made up a long time ago when the Westy Destiny was young. Gamethread is jumping up and down on their keyboards and high-pawing their cats and/or their Pinot Noir .

My cat thinks hockey is a worthless sport - unless the NHL starts giving out tuna treats after every goal, then it’s the best.

Won’t get to quote Danny goals for much longer, so I’ll indulge myself like a drunken caller slurring in his tears and beers on 650 radio...wait...that wasn’t me.

The game is tied 1-1. Everything is unfolding as expected by the storyline developers back in the NM Stories R Us bunker.

Of course, those stories were never passed down in the hockey desert, so the mean-spirited wily Coyotes get some wiggle room in the Nucks’ zone. Are they even allowed to play in there in this game? No, no they’re not. The [redacted] will having a chat with them in the next intermission.

Anyhow, while they were wiggling their desert dog tails in our house, they scored on Marky! Ruining his shutout bid for the 2nd time in the game.

As expected, the gamethread took this slight plot twist really well.

2-1 Desert Dogs. The next plot bad bounce didn’t go too well with the gamethread either. Probably worse in the ROG.

3-1 Yotes to end the 2nd. Shots are even at 11-11. That is not going to happen again.

Oh, well. Can’t have a heroic final home victory for the Sedins without some dynamic tension. And we have our Twin heroes in the house tonight. For the last time.

3rd Period

I’m not going to say that suddenly the Yotes went on script. But Virt did. Off a faceoff win from Bo, Jake snipes it like a snake, hissing puck passes Kuemper for the just-about tieing goal.

Now the exciting feeding frenzy in the ROG is ramping up. Who will take the frenzy and spin it around into full FANtastic feeling?

Hey, I know. What about the new kid. Ok, newish kid. The sweet Leipsical spinner snipe.

Sweet Leipspinning shooting. Let’s see it again.

Sweet goal. Time for another...but first, let’s celebrate what we’re here for. To salute the Sedinery one more time.

We have the setting set for more Sedinery. O/T is in the ROG. Again. While last game was just the appetiser, tonight we feast!

Here’s a fun shot count story. The Nucks broke it. For the Yotes. Outshooting the Scottsdale Terriers 15-0. 15 to nothing. That’s how you speel spell storybook ending.

Except, we’re not at the end. We’re just at the beginning of the end of the most sweetly bittersweet game of the year.

We’re going to witness Sedinery in its natural habitat one more time. Overtime.


Could it be? A Nucks powerplay just 1:16 into O/T? Yes, it could!

And cued up it was. With a little timeout for breath-catching ‘n stuff.

Then as the Nucks powerplay got dangerous, the Sedinery turned the ROG into spring at just the right moment. At 2:33, 22 shoots a low-riding slapper into the gaping net of our longing for just one more Sedin goal. Longing fulfilled.

Pure appreciative joy erupts in the ROG. What a pass from Hank. What a shot from Dank.

Let’s watch it again. And again. With noise! Crank it up and enjoy!

Twin magic. Twins celebrate.

Since the storybook ending was going full fairy tale, was fitting that Eddie got assists on both Sedin goals.

Video Highlights.

Full O/T vid.

And that’s it. Game won. Only tears and cheers will do.

The ROG wants to hug the Twins - hold them on the ice. Until the next training camp at least.

Here’s the game winner, Danny, giving us his thoughts on the game for one 2nd to last time.

One last time in the presser - Hank gets a few quips in.

Hank leads the NHL with 23 o/t apples. And wants to come back for a couple more seasons to defend his title. j/k - don’t have a fit, Forty.

Over in the Green room, we were getting what we deserved, a smiling coach. You know what they say, happy coach, happy team.

The number faeries were playing all game - the Nucks lost 33 draws on the night. But won 60% of the faceoffs. Outshot the Yotes 40-19. Yeah, that’s how you write a storybook home game, the last home game for the Twins.

Be real good if the number faeries show up later this month to juggle those lotto balls into a special Swedish pick to fill-in next season’s Swede twin void.

I’m not one for getting gushy...even after liquid enhancement, so I won’t gush (while you’re reading), when others can gush for me.


A game that few words can describe. Even many words would fail to capture the energy, the joy, the tears, the celebration of our soon-to-be Hall of Famers, Danny and Hank. Thanks for the magic and the class.

One more to go. In the Sedin era. After this game, playing in the oiltank barn could seem a little anti-climatic. Here’s hoping after some rest, a little jet lag and some hAlbertan hockey hospitality, the Nucks and the Twins have their way with McD and co. Make the last game of the season a big, juicy W served on a Danny hattie with a large side of Hank’s apples.

Have a fulfilling Friday and a Supernatural (Hat-Trick) Saturday.