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5 thoughts: first round edition

NHL: Columbus Blue Jackets at Vancouver Canucks Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

Steady as she goes....

1. The Canucks are out of the playoffs and yet if you go on the old Tweet-Tweet, you would think that the Leafs losing will lead to a Tanev trade before the draft, or that Cory Schneider would be a great addition to this team.

Now that everyone (eh-em management) fully understand that it’s a true rebuild, the Canucks should just let the youth play next year. I don’t mind taking a bad contract along with a high pick, but spending money on players in the next two years to “win” doesn’t seem....logical. We already that.

2. LA got swept by Vegas. I guessed that one wrong. I truly believed that LA’s playoff experience would kick in and lead them to victory. I want to blame LA and their lack of offensive production, but in the end Gallant’s coaching has created a system that suits this group of players. Vegas is a great team.

LA doesn’t have a bad team, but when get swept and can’t score, there might be seem a few changes.

3. Anaheim getting swept is not as big of a surprise. San Jose was faster and younger...even with Joe Thornton. Anaheim has some older players with some big contracts. Would you be willing to take on Perry or Getz for the remainder of their contract? They are both only 32 years old. Getz had 61 points in 56 games. Perry almost had 50 in 71 games. I know, it’s a longshot to get either one since Anaheim would prefer tog et rid of Mr Kesler and his stupid contract. We have our Kesler named Eriksson....

4. Speaking of contracts....I wonder how this year plays out for Alex Edler. The Canucks “best” defenseman had another year of Jekyll and Hyde. He got injured early in the year and sucked when he returned. He got the bulk of his points when everyone knew the Canucks had no chance at the playoffs (after Dec 31). People talk about score effects and guys getting junk points during games that are lop-sided, but I would argue that there are standing effects as well. Edler gets more points when the Canucks become more free- wheeling at the end of the year.

I have said on numerous occasions that I would love to see Edler traded and this could finally be the year., it won’t. I see one of three things happening:

  1. Edler gets a new contract because let’s face it, he can be the best guy out there most nights.
  2. Edler gets injured before the trade deadline....and the Canucks sign him again.
  3. Edler continues to use NMC at the deadline and the Canucks sign him rather have another Hamhuis situation.

Shit. Both scenarios seem to lead to the same thing.

5. What do you think the chances are the Darren Archibald makes the team next year? I say less than 20%. I know it seems low considering this team needs some “toughness”, but he is going to make some improvements to make it out of camp. Arch is a quick skater, but has trouble moving laterally. He is one dimensional in the sense that he can skate hard to the puck, but after that he doesn’t have the skill to move around with it. He is a hard checker and knock guys off the puck....but when he gets the puck.....then what? Go back to my first point. Dorsett was scoring because he was figuring out where to go when he didn’t have the puck. Arch is going to have to figure that out or else he will lose his spot to another quick guy who can actually handle the puck