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This is the starting point

The year is over....but it has also just begun for the Canucks

NHL: Columbus Blue Jackets at Vancouver Canucks Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

The Canucks have cleaned out their lockers, the media has asked a billion questions which have led to more questions, which will continued to be debated throughout the summer. The only thing we know for sure is that 22 and 33 won’t be playing games next year. So, what are we left left then? I have put together a team which has no real changes to it. Some Canuck UFAs and RFAs have been re-signed, but no big UFAs have been added to the team.

Here is what it looks like:

There is one glaring change to the roster, no Anders Nilsson. I traded him for a bag of pucks (5th round pick...just to get rid of him). This roster sits at $62 million for the year. I’m sure Aquilini would love that number. I also didn’t add Elias Pettersson to the roster although there seems to be an indication that he will be given every chance to make the team. His entry level contract would be less than $1 million.

I could live with this team. They will struggle at points but I think it might be worth it to try and create some chemistry with the youth on this team. The fear is that throwing this young team into the deep end might reinforce the acceptance of losing (ie Ryan O’Reilly in Buffalo). Spending some mid-range money on a couple more vets who have won could help develop the youth. Some would argue that with all this cap space that the Canucks should make a serious run at Tavares or John Carlson. I’m not a fan of spending $9 million/yr+ for Tavares. It drives up the next contracts of Boeser and would create a cap crunch 4-5 down the road. Carlson might be a better option if one of Edler/Tanev gets traded this year....but that doesn’t really change the quality of the defense then.

This is just the start of summer rosterbation.

The lottery draft will take place in 18 days. My prediction of the 5th pick is only possible if the Canucks trade for it. So either the Canucks bounce their way into the top three or fall possibly down to 9th.

The other bad news today is this

He better friggin keep playing until his contract is done then.

Might as well trade for him in his last two years if you have to pay the recapture penalty and the $800,000 salary the Canucks pay every year.

By the way, don’t yell at me about lines in the chart above. Travis Green gets to set those.