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NUCKS WIN!!! (For the 30th Time!) Blow out Blue Jacks 5-4. In O/T

After sub-sub-500 performances...we’re breaking even.

NHL: Columbus Blue Jackets at Vancouver Canucks
Welcome to the shooting gallery, Demko!
Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

WoW! What an afternoon. Who saw this team coming? Not me. I mean the Canucks’ team. Who are these guys? They’re now on the longest win streak of the season!

4 Game WIN Streak!

I’m not making it up. The Nucks have done this all by themselves. Not even Westy helped them. Not that he offered to, but that’s not point. The point is the Nucks have won 5 of their last 10. You mathheads know what means. 500 Hockey, Baby!

That’s all we were hoping for at the beginning of the season. Dream realised.

Some might be wondering if they can carry this sort of streak into the playoffs. Quite possibly. With just a little rule tweak and tuck here and there, some nasty internet rumours, entire rosters of a dozen teams suspended, franchises disenfranchised and we’re there.

If not, better to go out on the greens with a bang rather than a whimper. And really, who wants to play golf with a bunch of whimpers.

So how did this happen? Good question. Pretty sure it happened on the ice, but the NM Scenes Behind the Scenes Team is on the job - to ensure nothing sneaky occurred in our current space/time reality channel.

The Blue Jackets are the hottest team in the NHL right now - have won 12 of their last 13 games. We know what that’s like - if you divide by 3 and carry the rest.

Let’s see how the hottest team got cooled in loser point drink sticks.

1st Period

You wanted Demko. You got Demko! Nillie was sick with the locker room flu. So our future #1 made his debut - against the hottest team in the league. No pressure.

The Nucks were hanging with the big jacket dogs pretty well. Then Danny takes a penalty. He offered to put it back, but no, the refs wanted to make him sit in solitary and watch Thatcher give up his first NHL goal. He gave it up on a screen shot from Seth Jones, so it wasn’t a goal coated in softness.

The Nucks outshot Carumbus 12-7. The new streaky Nucks were already winning the game while being down 1-nothing.

Demko was getting bored with the NHL’s reliance on specialists in specific positions. Down on the farm, goalies have to stick handle for themselves, make their own coffee and probably wash their own jerseys.

2nd Period

First stop of the 2nd - it’s over at Demko’s place. Stops a BJs 2-on-1.

Now, the plot goes off the expected ‘hottest team’ storyline. And runs away to score with some unlikely storybook heroes.

The Nucks are working a team. Our new Gaud was working well with Virt.

But the tieing goal hero was our hard working NHL late bloomer. No, not Jussi. You have to wait for that. It’s Archie!

Archie gets his own breakout on. Keeps it on. And puts it on net. GOAL!

1st NHL Assist for Sautner. He’s also the secret behind our success - our own Flin Flon Man. Since he joined the team, the Nucks have won every game. EVERY game. Imagine if he started in November or something. Oh well...he’ll just have to get the Prez trophy for us next season.

Game is tied, 1-1!

Not for long. A minute and some seconds later, it’s a Nucks 3-on-2, Jussi sets up Goldy for a sweet snipe.

2-1 Nucks! We’re WINNING! Torts is not happy. We don’t care. Just as long as he doesn’t storm our dressing room or worse, our living rooms in the intermission.

Nucks outshoot the Jackets 11-10 in the second and didn’t allow a goal on another BJs powerplay. And to keep it fair, didn’t score on theirs. Leading on the scoreboard and on the hit parade. the Nucks are leading us to the...

3rd Period

Leading to start the third, is becoming a trend for the Nucks. Sort of. Small sample size.

No matter. Sample size is getting bigger all the time. And the Nucks are keeping the momentum in the O-zone.

From Gretz’s old office, Virt sets up Jussi for his first goal and 2nd point of the game.

Boom! Nucks leading 3-1. We’re so winning this game.

And to prove it Jussi sets up Bo with a soft pass that Bo can shoot hard and score.

Career high for Bo. Imagine what his points total would be if not for the 6 weeks at the Faerie Farm for Broken Bones.

That’s 3 points for Jussi. His best single game total in years.

With just 6 minutes left in the game, you know we’re so winning this game.

And then Bulldog gets called for bulldogging with a stick - refs called it tripping. Whatever. What we don’t want right now is to spoil Demko’s .958 SV% in his debut.

So...thoughtless hottest team in the league goes out and spoils it. Fine. Have your stupid powerplay goal. But that’s it. We’re outta here.

What? More? From CBJ? Tell me it ain’t so. It ain’t. the last 2 minutes that Panarin kid sends a perfect cross ice pass to Werenski, who beats Demko. WTH?

We’re so winning this game. Put your comeback back in your backpack, Columbus.

What? You dare to attack with six attackers. That’s not fair and balanced. And yet with a minute twenty left in the game, the game which we are so winning, Demko’s former friend, Atkinson deflects a Seth shot into the net.

All tied 4-4 with little time to explain to the Jackets that we are so winning this game. We don’t need the points, you do, Columbus, but that’s not the point.

The point is, Jackets in Blue, you can’t come into our barn and strut your hottest team in the league schtick around and pee on our ROG. Even if Torts said you could. prove the point we’re so winning this game, we’ll take it over to...


And take it over we did.

We don’t have a Seth Jones on our team, even if Westy is jonesing for it. Instead, we have a special Swede D that is having his best season in nearly a decade.

Out front of the Columbus net, Eddie gets to out wait most players’ patience. While he decides to shoot or pass. Shoot or pass. Pass. That’s what he was thinking. That’s what Korpisalo was thinking. So Eddie surprised himself and shot.

We so win! 5-4 Nucks. Just like I said all along. After we were up 4-1.

Here’s the highlight reel from Demko’s first NHL game and first NHL WIN!

The Nucks were pretty even on shots, 29 to BJ’s 30. But outhit ‘em 25-17. Nucks blocked 20 shots. It’s ok, Tanev is already out. Columbus only blocked 7 - they have to save their good Faerie dust for the bad breaks ahead.

That was a fun game. We’ve had 4 fun games in row. We like fun!

But...not everyone does at this time of year. If Team Tankers weren’t fully apoplectic last game. They are now.

As you know, Team NM: Paper Bag Division, have devised a simple infographic that full tankers or even water closet tankers can quickly scan between hyperventilating episodes.

Just breathe slowly into the bag.

With this fine fourth win in a row, the plucky Nucks have stolen 27th from Le Habs. Detroit won so didn’t get past them. Yet. What about those Sabres and Yotes? Big winners from the stinky little part of the tank.

Now, tank off, eh.

How’d our new debut feel about playing his first in the bigs?

Demko was solid and looked to be phenomenal...until those last six minutes when the former hottest team in the league did their hot stuff. Oh, well...

How’d Eddie know when to shoot ‘em?

I’m glad too.

A few pointers from our 3 pointer.

Over in the Green room, the liking was as wide as Demko’s pads.

And now for the last 60 20 6 3 games. Can they keep the streak alive? Probably. Maybe. There’s some high rollers rolling into the ROG on Tuesday who the Nucks have yet to beat this season. Stealing a game from the Stolen Knights would be sweet.

The tank battle is all but lost. So what.

The compete level of this stretched-out run roster has been fun to see. They might just keep the streak streaking to the last minute of the last period of the year. Why not?

Enjoy, if you can, the rest of your slack weekend time and have a tremendous Tuesday.