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Gamethread:Canucks vs Blue Jackets

3rd to last game of the year......and the Canucks can't seem to stop winning

Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports

Let's start with this:

I vehemently disagree with this. Let the kid go win the Calder Cup. You're paying Markstrom $3 million+ a year to play these games and he has been doing well. Couldn't we just call in Scott Foster to play?

Columbus is the playoffs. I know there is no little "x" beside them in the standings, but I'm calling it. Torts did his job and got them in. Thomas Vanek return to Vancouver with 14 points in 15 games. I am sure there will be lots of "Canucks got screwed" twitter posts, but in the end the Blue Jackets will not go very far in the playoffs.

This early game is awesome for me....hopefully I will post comments on the right thread this time.

Go Canucks Go!