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Preview / Gamethread Super Combo: Canucks vs Oilers

Tonight's the night!!! Gaudette makes his debut!

Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

This is the second to last meeting between these two teams. And while one team has struggled to produce goals and stop effectively.....then there is the Oilers. If there aren't changes in the Oilers head office this year, I really have to wonder what the hell? The Oilers were a playoff team last year. A fast, dangerous team that could score in bunches. This year showed all of their weaknesses, including their below average defensive core and their goaltending. Their special teams are in no way special since they have the worst PP and third worst PK. How does a team with McDavid stay this bad?

The Canucks have Gaudette....the Canucks have Gaudette!!!! Is there any other story line?

I guess tanking would be the other storyline. I'm not a fan of it and want the Oilers to lose. LOSE!

Go Coconuts Go!