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NUCKS WIN!!! (Another Game!!!) Drown the Ducks 4-1

Must win game for Anaheim that they lose. Ha-ha!

NHL: Anaheim Ducks at Vancouver Canucks
Bulldog gets a goal!
Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

It’s a TWO Game Win Streak! It’s a late season miracle! In fact, the Canucks have won the last 3 of 4. Another almost factoid, if it weren’t for weird bounces, Marky would be sitting on a 2 game shutout streak.

And since we’ve been waiting 132 games and team tank needs somewhere to point the flamethrower, let’s give Bulldog his due.

Biega Gets GWG

Here’s the thing. Anaheim has shredded the Nucks this season at a score rate of 12-1. Until this game, we only had one goal in all games with the water fowl of SoCal.

And here’s the other thing, the Ducks are clinging to a playoff spot and really wanted the 2 points and you’d think they would play hard to win. Or hard to lose. Or something.

Anyhow it was a great night to play spoiler. And play the Nucks did.

1st Period

Nucks start strong and are controlling play. Pretty much. Westy, freshly returned from the IR, was a little confused in the gamethread. Especially as the Nucks outshot the Ducks 11-3 early on.

It just seemed that way. Because...well...beautiful Sedinery returned to the ROG one more time. And Gags has learned about being in the right place at the right time. Danny puts a shot on Gibson and the rebound comes right out to Mr. RightPlace.

What madness is this? Late March Madness in Vancouver, of course.

Nucks lead Ducks 1-zip. And led on shots 15-9.

You know what they say about ending the first with the lead...good things happen to those who lead first.

2nd Period

Pretty much good things. While the Nucks dominated the first, in the second the Ducks sort of almost realised it wasn’t the easy win their psychic hockey card readers had predicted. However, Marky was on it. Nothing could get past him. Nothing could beat him.

Except... the stanchion. Ducks shoot the puck from center ice into the Nucks zone. Marky went to scoop the puck behind the net. Except the puck had stanchinged to an out-front locale. It’s kind of awkward to describe. More so to watch. Let’s watch it again!

And that is what you call a lucky tieing goal. For the Fowl. Not so lucky for Marky.

There were no penalties called in the first as the refs get prepped for the rulebook-free season. However, they did make a call early in the period. On a play that warmed the gamethread’s mood. New kid, Sautner was called for hi-sticking against Ryan [Redacted]. We like him already.

No worries as the Nucks perfect PK was...perfect. Since the refs were having an obvious lapse, they called a penalty on the Ducks - only one of the game, because the Ducks are a roster filled with Lady Bing finalists. The Nucks PP didn’t make the refs pay for the sloppy call. The refs would improve their game play and not make another call against the Ducks.

1-1 Tie end of the 2nd. Ducks outshooting Nucks 9-7.

You might think this gift goal for Anaheim would fire them up and they’d grab the game by the dance card and squeeze 2 points out of it. Not many Ducks players were interested in grabbing the game, an opposing jersey, sure - but the win wasn’t grabbing them.

3rd Period

In the gamethread, mood was tense. Despite the fake bravado and utter confidence in the Nucks winning when tied in the 3rd. The Ducks have owned the Nucks this season, so when the unexpected’s really unexpected.

It was a long time coming. And it wasn’t for trying. He’d fired 7 shots in the game. 2 got through. And 1 went into the net.

It’s a Bulldog goal!!! His first of the year! Better late than never.

Opportune Gibson-screening leads to the Biega tally - ties his NHL career goal total. Great to see the Bulldog get his moment in the red light district of the ROG. Archie and Sutter pickup the assists.

Up 2-1 and Biega’s goal is the Game Winner!

But, not the last goal of the game. The Nucks again are out-playing the Ducks. And the refs.

Sutter pulls a hooking slashy slashy Kesler down the ice and puts a shot on net. Or post. And if at first it doesn’t go in, Sutter makes sure the second attempt finds net.

3-1 Nucks. Wow! In the previous 3 games against them, we had but 1 marker. Now, we have 3 goals!

But, wait... There’s more!

With 3 minutes to go, the Ducks pull their best player, their goalie and send on another attacker. If you read the recap from last game, you might guess what happens next.

That, but with a twist. Of the ref’s arm. The game is never out of reach for the strong arms of the zebras. The Nucks get a penalty. Not just any Nucks player. Sutter is called for scoring a goal and possibly for tripping Rakell. Whatever.

Ducks are on a 6 on 4. They must score. Want four more. Such a chore.

But they don’t. Instead, the very guy the refs meant to contain, escapes solitary, skates into the fowl zone and puts the puck in the Duckless net.

4-1 Vancouver over the Anaheim no-longer-mighty Ducks.

Vancouver outshot the Ducks 8-6 in the 3rd and 30-24 in the game. Nucks also out-hit the Lady Bingers of Socal, 24-20.

With the loss, the Ducks dropped two spots in one night. They started the game 3rd in the Pacific and finished in the last wildcard spot - one point ahead of the Avs. Nice spoilage from the Nucks.

With the win, Nucks have vaulted into 28th. And might have grabbed 27th if the Wings didn’t win as well.

While the tankeristas are crying over a spilled 2% drop in magic ball odds, it was so much better to watch the Nucks beat the Ducks this season. Finally.

Because it was a home win, no Sedin needed to be exposed to open mics, but Danny did comment on the game, his one thousandth three hundredth and one NHL contest for those of you counting at home.

Despite his humbling at the not-quite-so-seamless glass, Marky was feeling up beat.

Our 3 point sniper of the game seemed Sutterfied by the result.

And finally, the good presser mood returned to the Green room, as well the return of the Green room.

That was a pretty good way to open the last home stand of the season. Good to see the Sedins having fun too. Five more games to go. For the season. And maybe the Twins. If this is it, savour the moments, NM.

Even if it isn’t the last blush of Sedinery, we want to savour the next game, because we get a new college kid on ice for us on Thursday. Adam Gaudette is expected to make his debut against the perennial lotto winners from Nothern Alberta.

Enjoy your wicked Wednesday and get thirsty for Thursday.