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Preview & Gamethread: Canucks vs Nashville

Second game of the homestand. Let's hope the Canucks didn't score all their goals in the last game.

Bob Frid-USA TODAY Sports

How am I supposed to feel for the rest of the year? I know the Canucks are out of the playoff picture. I know they aren't very good defensively. I know the media hates management. I know that defeat after defeat is good for the future but it really does suck watching them lose so much. The last game was very entertaining....I mean except for the first 3 goals that ran Marky to the bench. The new guys were noticeable and Brock looked healthy.

Tonight the Canucks play the best team in the west. Nashville picked up Ryan Hartman at the deadline to help bolster their bottom 6 forwards. The defense of Nashville is solid and Rinne is always tough. The last time these teams met, it was ugly. 7-1 ugly for the Preds. Let's hope the nucks can get through the first 2 minutes of the first without allowing a goal and work from there.

Let's all open a cold one tonight and enjoy a Friday night game while booing the return of Mrs. Carrie Underwood.

Go Coconuts Go!