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Gamethread: Canucks vs Ducks

Could this be the game that Canucks....score?

Bob Frid-USA TODAY Sports

Friday March 9th - 7:51 of the 2nd period. That is the last time the Canucks scored a goal. For the past few years the Canucks have gone through stretches just like this. The confidence of this team is low and I can understand why. The media and fans (including myself) have moved on to some degree. We are looking ahead to the draft and free agency. We wonder what the Sedins are going to and if Pettersson will be here next year. Can Demko be the starter next year? If you're a Canucks player, how do you find that extra gear at this time of year?

The Canucks face another Pacific team that is flirting with being in the playoffs and needs a win. The Ducks carry some of those old Canucks that was keeping Vancouver from rebuilding properly. Juice....Kes.....Miller. The old guys have a shot to win the cup were as Vancouver looks to win the lottery. Cruel irony.

At this point any victory is about screwing a better team over and blocking those who might have a chance to get into the playoffs. Let's cheer for lots of Canuck goals!

Go Coconuts Go!