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Nucks Keep Streak Alive - No Goals - Lose 3-0 to LA

The good thing about this game is it’s over. Unlike the this season which has more numb pain to play for

NHL: Vancouver Canucks at Los Angeles Kings
No revenge goal for Dowd - No goal for any other Canuck
Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports honour of this Nucks depleted roster B-2-B game with LA, I went to a bar with some friends to deplete some brain cells and numb the pain.

We knew this was a must-win game fro the Kings if they want to get to the dance. We also knew that the Nucks had to score at least one goal or two, to get out of the slump dump.

One of those things happened.

The other did not. So more brain cells had to be punished.

What was weird about this game is how long the scoreless drought lasted. For LA.

The Nucks managed to escape the 1st with a zero-zero tie.

But, then in the second while I was trying to explain to non-rabbid-nucks fans, in serious lost-man-hours and Injury Faerie legends, I glanced up at the screen and said: “That’s it - LA gets the first goal” A moment later, they did. Creepy. In only the way that a well-worn path to inevitability can be.

Then later in the 2nd, again my fermented Kreskin brain spoke out loud - probably too loud and with a little too much pathos...

”Nice passing will lead to f-f-fugly goal” - and so it was. At first the worst possible was flashed on screen - Brown D-bag gets credited. Later, the goal was given to Kopi with one of Stech/DMZ getting the accidental assist. The Hockey Demi-Gods were feeling cruel, just not that cruel.

Then in the 3rd when the Nucks were pushing for the miracle goal...I said to my intoxifimicated friends...”Watch P-P-Pearson P-P-Pull N-N-Nillie along the ice and score.” And he did.

Since I’m still hungover, as I’m sure the Nucks are too, going to pull the winning NM gamethread quote that so elegantly describes our NucksNation season death watch.

So...the winless, goaless drought continues. Despite the Nucks outshooting the opponent - this time 35-33. While Vancouver only had 5 shots in the 1st, they inflated fake hopes and shots to 17.

I’m too tired to work up a great defence for the lack of offence. Goldy had 3 shots, so that’s a big improvement - for him - and tied him with Danny for leading Nucks shots that didn’t result in a goal. Just one goal. Is that asking so much? In 120 minutes of hockey? Yes, it is.

Here’s the “highlights”...they must be in there somewhere...

After the nth time we’ve lost, the Captain must respond.

Wish I could hide until mid-April or so.

Over in the grim Green room the mood was pretty good.

In the preview, we...possibly just me, threatened a riot in the recap if no Nucks goals were scored. Too tired for even a quiet cheap slogans must take to the streets of downtown NM.

The Nucks carry on the good fight in fowl lights on Wednesday in Disneyland - where dreams come true. Which dreams and whose dreams is TBD.

Until then... have a brutal hungover ChooseDay and a tremendous day after.

Ottawa & Yotes on a two game win streak - whatever that is. We’re getting close to the bottom of the rink.

Do we dare to dream?