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Preview & Gamethread: Canucks vs Lightning

The Canucks face a team that they just faced. And let's face it, the lightning are pretty good.

Bob Frid-USA TODAY Sports

Didn't we just play these guys?

The schedule makers are a quirky bunch. Five days ago we lost to this team after a crappy 10 minute first period. It was a fast paced game and once the Canucks realized it, they actually played really well for about 40 minutes. So let's hope the Canucks come out skating this time. If the last Canucks game is an indicator of future performance, then tonight might be a long night. The Panthers fired 41 shots at Marky and if the Lightning who have better shooters get that many shots, it will be disastrous.

Another loss tonight and the "trade everyone!!" cry will be louder on the Twitterbox.

Go Coconuts Go!