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GAME DAY PREVIEW: Canucks @ Florida

The trade deadline begins to loom large as the Canucks head out on the road starting in Miami to take on the Luongo-less Panthers

Vancouver Canucks v Florida Panthers Photo by Eliot J. Schechter/NHLI via Getty Images

While a lot of media attention has been focused on Eric Gudbranson of late for other reasons, tonight it will be due to the Canucks taking on the team that traded him, and against the guy they traded him for. While neither seemed to have gotten what they were hoping for in this trade, Jared McCann continues to develop, if slowly, for the Panthers. Guddy’s exploits have been well documented here, and one has to wonder if the Canucks are truly intent on re-signing him, or if this is just some gamesmanship to try and create demand for the defenceman?

The Panthers sit 8 points out of the last wild card spot in the East, likely too much ground to make up at this point, and with Luongo still at least a week away from returning, the Panthers turn to Harri Sateri tonight in goal. This will end one of two ways: a) Brock Boeser has what Matt Murray would call “a lucky night” or b) the talk tomorrow is about how Sateri stood on his head to stone the already scoring-challenged Canucks.

Florida’s been playing well coming off the All Star break, winners of 3 straight despite running with their 3rd string goaltender in Sateri. One thing the Canucks will need to prevent is the Panthers leading heading into the 3rd. They’re a perfect 14-0-0 in that situation. No word on the lines yet, but we should see Sam Gagner back in the lineup after missing the game Saturday.


TSN has put out a top 50 prospects list, and the Canucks are featured prominently, with the #1 ranked prospect none other than Elias Pettersson... The Canucks are getting some calls about Ben Hutton, it would seem... And today is a big day in Canucks history, as it was the beginning of the end of a pretty dark period, and led to the best times this team has seen...


I don’t often post power metal stuff (I find so much of it just too cheesy for my tastes) but this caught my ear and eye a) because it’s just got a really cool 80’s old school vibe and b) the singer is a dead ringer for former Canucks Army blogger/current Florida Panthers PR guy Thomas Drance.