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Gamethread: Canucks vs Lightning

Can the Canucks win 3 in a row?

Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

The Canucks have 21 wins coming into tonight, while the Lightning have 16 losses. There is nothing special about this fact except to say that the Lightning are a pretty friggin good team. Kucherov and Stamkos are in the top 10 of league scoring. Vasilevskiy has the most wins in the league.

Having said all of this, the Canucks have 7 out of 8 points in the last 4 meeting against the Lightning. Some teams you match up against better than others I guess.

The Canucks come into tonight with wins against the Avs and the Hawks. I think the spoiler role will be one the Nucks have to embrace for the rest of the year. Although winning games doesn't do much to help draft position. It's the inner turmoil within most Canuck fans. "I want them to win...but they need to lose to get better.....Fuck!"

Ben Hutton sitting for a few games only adds fuel to the rumor I'm spreading, that he will be traded. I would trade a bunch of the Canucks defensemen if I could. Alas GMJB hasn't called for my opinion. He should.

Go Canucks Go!