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Preview/Gamethread: Canucks vs Avalanche

The fun part of the year is over...back to regular games

NHL: Vancouver Canucks at Arizona Coyotes Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

So, today was fun. I am going to leave my editorial on today trade deadline for another post and I suggest you do as well. Let everything sink for a bit before exploding on the screen.

The Canucks play actually hockey tonight against the Avs. The last time these too teams met, the Canucks dominated the Avs....until the Avs went on the PP and then all hell broke loose. The Canucks lost that game 5-4 in O/T. Coach Green has said that the team needs to be better on the PK....ya think.

The Canucks will be without Thomas Vanek tonight....and for the the rest of the season as he was traded to Torts and CBJ. (Insert anger here)

The Canuck players can now focus on winning or tanking. Some are playing for new contracts and some might get traded at the draft.

I suggest you sit back, open a cold one and enjoy the last remnants of Canuck hockey for 2017-18.

Go Coconuts Go!