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2018 NHL Trade DeadlineAPalooza

It’s here at last. Someone go wake up Jim & Trev!

2016 NHL Draft - Round One Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Sometimes the NHL Trade Deadline is like Christmas. When it’s all over, your team has a whole bunch of presents for you, either in the form of new additions to help them on a playoff run, or prospects and picks for the future. This year, it feels more like a birthday party if you’re a Canucks fan, and we’re not the birthday kid. Sure, we’ll still get a goodie bag (and thank you for your service, Thomas Vanek), but everyone else is gonna be opening the presents.

In addition to Vanek, there’s a small chance that we could see the Canucks pull the plug on the Ben Hutton experiment, though most of what chatter is out there has the Canucks not getting any offers for Hutton and waiting to see if they can still salvage him before giving up. And it would be surprising to see Alex Edler waive his NT status and get moved today.

The biggest fear for any hockey fan is a day where you sit and wait for trades to happen, enduring awkward panel chatter, ill-advised comedy routines and interchangeable Skype interviews with GMs all waiting for a deal involving minor league players and 5th round picks. It’s already been a busy week leading up to this day, but with names like Erik Karlsson, Max Pacioretty, Evander Kane and Patrick Maroon available, this could be a bonanza like last year.

A few rules as always that we’d like you to keep in mind:

- No rumour posting. If you’re speculating something, fine. But don’t pass it off as something you heard without sources.

- Check to make sure you’re not posting troll tweets. We all know the accounts of Bob McKenzie, Nick Kypreos and Elliotte Freidman. Look for the blue checkmark.

- Try not to throw stuff at your tv when they interview Jim.