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All the trades we will have!!!

Trade deadline madness on NM!!

NHL: Vancouver Canucks at San Jose Sharks Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports

There you have it. Now type yourself into a frenzy.

There has been moaning…ok, not moaning, concern about the lack of interest by NM writers as the trade deadline nears, so let me set the record straight.

We are paying attention. We are jaded.

I am still trying to recover from the 2016 trade deadline, where I predicted neither Hamhuis or Vrbata would be traded….and voila, I was right. Being right tired me out.

Twitter overload could cause logic damage to the brain. And there are a lot of people on Twitter that could use a little logic in their lives.

The scenario for any trade seem to go like this: established player who can help a team improve for the playoffs or long term, is traded for picks. But in the NHL after the last CBA, has become a place where draft picks are hoarded like dark chocolate by my wife. So the belief that any Canuck player will bring the draft pick each twitterer wants is…unlikely. I believe that most Canuck fans truly over value our players return on the open market. Any player on the Canucks could be traded as we have no Gretzky’s, but there as some that are unlikely.

Unlikely….stuck with, or just don’t trade unless a unicorn is involved:

Sedins, Edler, Eriksson, Sutter, Tanev, Boeser, Horvat

You can try and talk your way through a scenario where one or more of these players would be traded, but my rebuttal would be, “Wake the fuck up.”

Best possible case:

Vanek: 4th round pick. He has burned a few teams in the playoffs. Age and speed are detriments at this point.

Everything else can and will be debated and moaned about when it doesn’t happen. GMJB will be blamed for his in ability to get’er done. All the bad names he will be called…..

Realistically, the Canucks will be more active as the draft nears and team draft positions are set. There are so many uncertainties right now for the Canucks except for one. The Canucks will not make the playoffs.

The urge of this NHL’18 generation to trade when the trade deadline comes is unstoppable. The draft is a better setting for realistic values of a player. There will be teams that will have buyer’s remorse after the deadline and might look at Canuck players in a different way. We will also have an answer to the Sedin question…and Vanek I guess, so the direction of leadership will be set as well.

The Canucks can go after some free agents in July instead of making a big splash in this mean nothing remainder of a season.

Sit back and relax for today and tomorrow and watch the talking heads explode. Have a beer and laugh at the thought of the Bruins getting knocked out after getting Rick Nash.

Or ignore everything I said and go crazy.