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2018 Women’s Gold Medal Game Thread: Canada vs USA

At long last, the game the nation’s been waiting for

Olympics: Ice Hockey-Women Team Group A - USA-CAN David E. Klutho-USA TODAY Sports

It will be a war on ice. Much like the near mythical status of that series between Canada’s best NHL’ers and the Soviets in 1972, this is a game that will be remembered. The hatred that you see on the ice is real. This rivalry will never get stale, never be boring because it has always and will always deliver.

One thing is certain: the Canadians had a fair amount of luck on their side in the contest between these two teams in the preliminary round. Canada will need to play better than they did in that game, and continue to do their best to shut down the high powered American offence.

Look, I could hype this game up for a few more paragraphs, but it doesn’t need it. It’s Canada vs the USA for gold. Bring it home, ladies. Canada is behind you all the way!