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After a surprisingly tough game from the host nation, Finland’s earned the right to take on our boys. Can’t lose from here on out.

Olympics: Ice Hockey-Men Team Group A - CAN-KOR David E. Klutho-USA TODAY Sports

There was a few minutes in that game Monday where it looked like South Korea might be pulling off an upset for the ages, but alas it was not to be. Canada has looked good at times, but didn’t exactly blow the doors off the South Koreans in the last game of the preliminaries, so Willie D and the boys had better bring their A game against the Finns.

One problem for Canada, is how to stop Eeli Tolvanen. With 3 G 6A for 9 points so far, the Nashville 1st rounder has been one of if not the best player in the tournament thus far. They’ve also been getting some great play from Sami Lopisto on D.

Canada’s leading scorers, Rene Bourque and former Canuck Derek Roy have been good, but are going to need to step it up moving forward, though the approach to have scoring ability from all 4 lines as well as the back end has been serving them well so far.

Ben Scrivens will get the start again for Canada, while the Finns will Mikko Koskinen in their goal. At the same time that this game is being played, Sweden and Germany will be squaring off, the winners of these two contests to meet in the semi-finals. Go Canada Go!