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Guds Gets $4 Million Pay Day!

A 3 year pay day!

Vancouver Canucks v Toronto Maple Leafs Photo by Claus Andersen/Getty Images

In a surprise move, (please try to act surprised), Canucks have resigned Erik Gudbranson for 3 more years at $4 Million per. Could be worse - what if JB had caved and went 5 X 5?

Guds has two goals, two assists and 99 hits this season. 90 of those hits on Saturday according to the Nucks Buff-It-Up HQ.

As a bottom 4 bruiser, Guds has been effective in at least one game this season. His advanced stats are not very advanced, but stats are not why they pay him the big bucks. They pay him to be a big bruising, opposing-forward-terrifying presence on the blueline. Ok, maybe not the blueline, but, in the blue-paint clearing business. And yet...

Here’s the most worrisome burden of the deal - from the Canucks news release:

“the 6-2, 220-pound defenceman recorded six points (1-5-6) and 18 penalty minutes in 30 games in his first season in Vancouver”

The weight of this contract has already taken its toll on Guds it seems. Just last week, the Nucks were touting Guds as a 6’ 5” 220-pound defenceman. Those were the days.

Also it’s been reported than Tanev has been traded.

To the Injury Faeries - as a 3-4 week rental. Perfect timing. Again.

How do you feel about the resigning Guds? Good? Big? Badder?