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NUCKS WIN!!! TWO in a ROW! Ground the Hawks 4-2. At Home!!!

TWO Game Home Win Streak - You can’t make this stuff up - and I don’t have to

Chicago Blackhawks v Vancouver Canucks
Jump for Joy!
Photo by Jeff Vinnick/NHLI via Getty Images

They said it couldn’t be done. More than once per season. At home. Even I may have said it more than once or less.

Consecutive victories at home. It’s a sentence only heard once in early December when the Nucks beat the most important team in the universe and then beat one of least important teams in the east. And in that game the IR Faeries went on a 6 week streak that hurt us so bad that some were even questioning the Westy Destiny hypothesis.

With normal roster service resumed, tonight was a chance to punish (again) an old rival that seems on the...decline. We know what that seems like. We beat the Hawks the last time they played at the Roxy ROG. And beat the upstart Avs on Tuesday. So much winning recently that I need to sit down and start counting on one hand the recent 5 and 5 record.

The 28th Annual CFKF Telethon exceeded its goals, can the Nucks?

1st Period

There were no Nucks goals in this period.

There was one Fawking Hawks goal when Brock and MDZ gave up on catching Schmaltz who got behind MDZ and made Marky do to what he doesn’t like to do - move side to side. Schmaltz slid the puck between Marky’s pads for the first goal of the period. At least it wasn’t over his shoulder, so that barely counts.

The Nucks carried the hard-hitting touch and be touched ethos over from the last game. Throwing some big hits. Like this monster open ice aerial assault by Gags.

Chicago Blackhawks v Vancouver Canucks
Gag-Boom! Down goes Jerko
Photo by Jeff Vinnick/NHLI via Getty Images

Unfortunately, that seemed to hurt Gags and he left the game and didn’t return. Because he was hurt? Or because the deceleration trauma visions he witnessed either foreshadowed the end of the world or the beginning of a new goal sniper legend. Or both.

Hawks outshot Van 11-8 and lead 1-0 after one. So what.

2nd Period

Turns out, the deceleration trauma vision was a Gaunce snipe. Not quite a goal scorer’s goal. But a real stick-to-puck-shot, puck-in-net goal. And his first goal at home!

Forsberg is Gaunce’s fav goalie to play against. Pretty sure. Maybe other players too. Let’s check back later to decide.

But first, let’s get tipsy on a tip from Bo. The sequence on the goal was setup by Brock while getting pulled down from behind by Schmaltz. Qualifies as 3rd assist in the NM playbook. Which is rewarded by two points in the NM rewards catalogue.

Two apples by Stetcher already and it’s not even springtime.

Marky was solid all period - stopped all Fawking shots! 2nd period shutout!

The Nucks were tied 7-7 on shots and win the shot calendar pinup poster as well as winning the game in the 2nd. Pretty much.

3rd Period

Since the game is over - go sweet home Chicago - we can just skip the international exchange of goals. Or can we?

No, we can’t, because we need to acknowledge the good work by Virt on the GWG by Dank. And ignore Virt’s bad brain-fart tripping penalty. And ignore Marky’s Softie™ shoulder goal against right after a spectacular save.

It’s still 3-2. We can afford a little own-end scrappiness to keep the fans involved in the game to set the stage for the sealing on the multi-goal cake.

If I told you the multi-goal total was for Bo or Brock or the Sedins or even Vanek, you wouldn’t wonder if I was playing hopscotch on the suspension bridge of disbelief.

But, if I claimed the icing goal was scored on a quick shot from Gaunce, you’d roll your eyes at me and flick an unbelieving lash at my tenuous credibility.

So...I’ll just post the vid recap and you can wade through the 5 minutes of sceptical anticipation of the alleged event. Skip to 4:50 if the suspension bridge over reality is too long to watch on fake TV YT.

Not only does Gaunce get goal #2, Loui gets an assist. Two improbabilities - One play!

All hail Gaunce, the Legend!

It’s all part of Gaunce’s plan to exponentially increase his goal total in single games spaced far apart

A six goal game will come.

Get your Safeway Score and Win ticket!


Wonder no more which NHL goalie is on the Gaunce Let’s Play Again party list. Or as seen in the gamethread:

Totally forgot what a shite goaltender Forsberg is. Compared to an NHL goalie, that is. Compared to me he’s the second coming of Terry Sawchuk.

Neil B.

Ah...Neil...compared to you he’s the second coming of Alex Auld.

The Nucks out-hit the Hawks 20-11. I’m not making stats up. Just now. While the Hawks outshot the Nucks 28-21, they didn’t outscore us, which according to statsmithians is the only stat that wins games.

The Nucks killed off all 4 penalties while only mortally wounding their 2 power plays.

Marky made a number of big game savers and finished with a .929 SV% - he’s trending upwards and that is a trend that could lead to his second miracle of the season.

But enough about the team game, let’s focus on the game’s first star. The player who played 95 NHL games without a goal. And he gets TWO! In one game!

How does that feel? Let’s find out.

It’s Avant Garde Thursday - only positivism expressionism in the artful Green room.

TWO game home win streak! Wooo!

Can the Nucks just bask in the glow of the two consecutive wins rainbow? They earned it. What? You want more?

You want a THREE game home win streak? You’re greedy.

Fine. On Saturday, it’s your chance against the leading team in the league to push for the near incalculable consecutive home win total.

Spoiler Alert: We can play spoiler for T-bay’s western swing - do what cowtown couldn’t. Make us the best team in a bad place in the standings.

Or we can focus on the June. You and the Canucks decide.

Have a really great HogHounds of Ground Day and a tremendous day after.