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OLYMPIC GAME DAY: Women’s Semifinal: Canada vs O.A.R.

One last test to play for gold

Olympics: Ice Hockey-Women Team Group A - CAN-RUS David E. Klutho-USA TODAY Sports

It’s been 4 days since they defeated the US 2-1, and while it’s nice to get that much needed rest, you know the Canadian Women’s team is eager to get at it this morning as they prepare to face the O.A.R.

Their opponents today lost to both Canada and the US by a score of 5-0, but they earned their spot in the semis with a 6-2 dismantling of Switzerland. For Canada, the game plan is pretty simple: stay focused, and keep doing the little things that got you to this point. While they’re not as tough as the American squad the Russians are formidable in their own right, another thing they showed against the Swiss, and Canada will need to respond in kind and do their best to make sure they take the Russians out of it early.

The gold medal game goes on Thursday, and yes, Canada is favored to be one of the teams there, they need to not take their opponent lightly. The US is playing Finland as I write this, and are up 2-0 after the 1st, which could set up another epic battle for gold between the two bitter rivals.