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Gamethread: Canucks vs Sharks

Back to back finishes tonight against another water creature team.

Bob Frid-USA TODAY Sports

Hello all,

I missed last night's game due to the Benning drinking game I made everyone play. Thank goodness. It's hard to watch the Canucks give it away even though the expectations aren't that high.

The Sharks are in 2nd place in the Pacific, but only 2 points ahead of 9th in the conference Colorado. The Pacific looks like fun this year, too bad we aren't in that race. The Sharks play a fun type of game with a lot of shots for and against. They also live off of their special teams as their PP is 3rd overall in the league and their PK is #1.

I am invoking the Benning drink game again tonight. I need to pass out early. Everytime Benning and his contract are mentioned during the game or drink.


Go Coconuts Go!

May God have mercy on your liver.